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I like to invest in myself, I honestly do. Throughout college, I never ventured from my drugstore products or MAC products because those were affordable. They worked on my college budget and for the most part, they worked on me. So when I wandered into Sephora, I had no real idea what I wanted besides the NARS foundation which I heard wonderful reviews about. That was my target, it was what I wanted but I gave in and accepted help because it’s hard to match for foundation unless you go to Sephora and they skin id you then you’re all set! This machine is legit, I was so excited because usually at MAC, they just apply the foundations until it matched. Now, I love MAC and always will but it was time to invest in big girl products.

Laura Mercier foundation, Sephora Mascara,
& Smashbox Gel Liner

I’ve always been stingy with money. So stingy but that was because I worked a part-time job and barely got over fifteen hours a week unless it was during rush. Being full-time and feeling like an adult, well it has it’s perks. So, I went for it. I bought the foundation that was only $10 more than what I was already paying and you know what? I love it. I love that it provides full coverage while making my skin look flawless. My insecurities were those scars and those scars are covered when it’s time to be productive. Laura Mercier provided me with something else. I’ve heard so many good things about Laura Mercier and I’m glad I invested. I went for the $48 foundation and I’m so happy. 

The Smashbox Gel Liner will be the best investment of your life!! I’ve tried Benefit’s Real Gel Liner and loved it from the get go but it was hard to use. It never came out easy and it might have been me but it irritated me. I explained this in Sephora and she led me right to this magic in a bottle. This formula is like the remake of Benefit yet it’s softer and came out perfectly. I’ve never been one to do a good winged eyeliner but with this stuff I feel like the greatest winged eyeliner in the world.

Lastly, the Sephora Mascara. One, it was $5 at the checkout area and I don’t pass up on mascara. This baby gives me wings, I kid you not. The best five dollars that I put towards myself. I love it and I only use it when I have somewhere important to go because I bought the little bottle. Try it and love it like me!

That’s all but I’ve vowed to myself that I will invest in making my collection bigger and I’m going to do just that. xoxo!


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