Last Bit of Summer Fun Before Summer Classes Began

I think it might be time to admit that I have a shopping problem! It’s gotten serious over the last few months but I’ve invested statement pieces that are business casual in my opinion. I plan to wear these to job interviews that might come along in a year or career fairs. Well, two of them I will wear. 

The red dress doesn’t 

seem like something I could wear to such event, ya know? And the black dress is more of a staple little black dress. These were great finds by the way. There’s this shop called Pitaya literally like ten minutes from my apartment and it’s my favorite place to stop by. I get almost all my dresses from here. The quality is never disappointing. 

I also invested in these heels, how cute right? I’ve never been one to have tons of heels but now I’m slowly growing a collect. These are from Urbanog which has some of the most comfortable heels ever, honestly. The pink ones have to be my favorite! They’re so fun and cute. I also have quite a few other pairs from Urbanog that I got around winter and I’m obsessed with those as well. They’re more suitable for the workplace than these, of course. 

I also invested in some tank tops from a local business in my city. It’s actually amazing what Columbus has to offer when you invest in exploring. I went down to the Short North which is an amazing section of town and got Ohio State themed tank tops and I’m obsessed with them. 


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