Happy Birthday, Kearsten!

It’s my little sister’s birthday and what is better than a birthday post proclaiming my love? Nothing… besides the Snapchat geo-filter I purchased to celebrate her day.

To the little girl that has better eyebrows than me and makeup skills that I envy, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I can remember trying to help mom and dad out at 4 am when you were crying. I used to get so excited to walk into the daycare with mom or dad because I loved the baby room in Ft. Campbell. Having a baby sister was and is the bomb. I can remember the annoying car rides where we would have to watch Barney or you’d wail. Sometimes, you annoyed me then you grew up and still annoy me in a sisterly way. You aren’t really a little girl though and you’ve acted like you are thirty since you were five years old—the youngest sister that thought she was the boss and still thinks she’s the boss. Half the time, you’re the mature one and I’m the one acting six years old.

I can’t believe my baby sister is seventeen years old. You’re like really old, dude. I’m baffled because the little baby isn’t a baby anymore. Oh, what I would give to have videos of her doing the Beyonce ‘Uh Oh’ dance because you would really break it down at the age of two and three. Gosh, I was a great influence because I made sure my little sisters were getting it to Beyonce before they even learned how to tie their shoelaces. As sisters, we all might fight but we still had the best of times with Just Dance and Rock Band. Our parents really have some good kids.

People would laugh if they could witness your belly flops on Trey. They do laugh at the family pictures where Barney found his way into them because you wouldn’t let him go. You were a pretty bomb softball player. Stuffed animals were your thing. Makeup is your thing now and probably has been your thing for years because you always wanted to be a grown like the rest of us. You’re a good person, a great person. A person with their own mind and thoughts, you speak what you feel and think. I commend you because we live in a time where people let others influence them. You’re artistic and passionate—you’re dedicated to your Chorale, Choir, and Orchestra extracurriculars and really good at what you do. You’re not afraid to tell people when they’re wrong and you’re smart as heck when you try. I really do have some smart sisters.

Thank God, you’re not unbearable anymore because the angsty teenage phase was dreadful. Of course, you’ve been a teenager forever because you never wanted to be the baby. Now you twirl on stage and sing to an audience, you have one of the leads in the musical, and you’re never home. You’re busier than ever and it’s only going to put more on your plate as you graduate and head off to college to do big things. You’ll be great, though and it’s exciting to see you grow. You’re an amazing person and a lovely baby sister, love you lots girl. Keep being the sunshine in people’s lives. Never change if someone doesn’t like you because they can jump in a hole as Trey would tell you when the two of you would argue.

Enjoy your time and snap the heck out of your birthday. Thanks for being a great dog aunt to Rocko, he loves you!

Maybe this be the best birthday yet and hopefully, One Direction ends their hiatus because it would not suppose to last this long.

Happy Birthday, Kearsten!


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