January Beauty Faves!

I’m all for investing in your beauty! Especially your skin. I was always very breakout prone when I was a teenager and it was stressful in my eyes to deal with it which led to more acne, obvs. I have become a product junkie over the years and tried to find one product that works really well. I will vouch for Mario Badescu because I went through a rough time with my skin and it was very helpful with the cystic acne I had to deal with. One thing I give credit to right now, my Clarisonic. It’s a blessing, I will say that. It broke me out when I started using it two years ago but that was my fault due to the brush type I used. Now, it’s a blessing. 

Back to my point, my favorite products for January are pictured above. Evian Facial Spray, NYX Liquid Suede and NARS Luminous are what I have going for me right now. I actually got that NARS foundation back in November but I’m in love with it. It literally feels like I have nothing on my face. My acne has also been at bay when I put this foundation on. I don’t know if it is because it’s lightweight or not but this stuff feels like magic on my face. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t clump up or anything around my nose or mouth – I look flawless if I do say so. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new foundation and doesn’t mind spend $48. It’s worth it and I love it!

The Evian Facial Spray was introduced to me when I got my make-up done professionally and my stylist keep spraying me as she applied everything to my face – I looked wonderful by the way, props to Desma. I have used the Urban Decay setting spray and Elf setting spray – both weren’t as great as I had hoped. I don’t know if it’s because I have sensitive skin that is both oily and dry… that might have been it plus the Elf spray had a smell and I hated it. Evian works great though especially during this winter season. My face is moisturized and my make-up looks a bit dew y after I spray it once everything is applied to my face. It’s a great product, I haven’t heard anything terrible about it and I’m open to more facial spray suggestions.

Lastly, the NYX Liquid Suede line is amazing. I’ve only bought one of the lippies but I love it. I invested in Soft-Spoken and I love it. I’m a person with a skin tone that doesn’t obliged to every lip color out there. I’m pretty sure so many people can relate – it also doesn’t help that I change my hair color and certain lip colors only look good with that color hair. I feel like this color will work with everything. NYX is literally one of my favorite brands and they are priced at an affordable price. I have yet to wonder into the other products that NYX has to offer but I want to. My favorite lip at the moment is my NYX Soft-Spoken and it’s great. I can wear it on a night out or every day. The perfect color. 

January was a great month – a month where I didn’t update much but I came up with tons of topics to talk about. Let’s hope my trip to Arizona later on this week will give me time at the airport to write and get my thoughts all out on paper. If you use any of these products, feel free to give me your thoughts or share something I should try out!


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