It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I promise I’m alive! I’ve been really busy with Christmas shopping and work, I’ve been adulting so much. It’s crazy and I can’t believe it. I’ve never been so busy or in bed early since high school. I’m enjoying it though. I love my new job and the people I work with. I can go on and on about it. It’s nice to finally talk to my family about being full-time and not have to worry about whether a paycheck is enough with my upcoming student loan payments. I can breathe. I think that’s why they say Pray More, Worry Less and If you’re going to Worry about it, Don’t Pray and if you’re going to Pray, Don’t Worry about it. It’s an important thing to think about. The amount that I’ve glanced at my tattoo and realized that my faith and relationship with the Lord will get me through is a lot. I’m a proud human being and so happy with my decisions. 

If you asked me a month ago, I could not for see myself in this position. I’m happy. I have a great job and great people in my life. My best friend from my childhood and I made up – best friends forever. We’re stubborn mules and it takes serious matters or silly matters for us to make up. I’m glad though. I prayed long and hard about that relationship and God knows best. I feel like a lot of people are going to be surprised that we’re back to our dynamic duo but can you really throw away a friendship that has been around for half your life? No. I think the six month hiatus taught us both a lot and made us realize how we balance each other out. No one accepts my weirdness and craziness like Sam and I appreciate that. She laughs and encourages it – that’s something we need in life. 

My job is magnificent. I do what I love and it’s a dream come true. I feel like people understand me and get what I like to do. Social Media is the way to go and it is very relevant to life. I gush about it to my family and Snapchat. My co-worker and I get along so well and it’s nice that she has the same viewpoints as me. We’re the AB team and it’s awesome. We’re going to dominate. I’m excited for the year to come and to drill out new ideas that will take over for our department. Being the youngest in our department, we have the idea that we have to prove ourselves and I think that’s a millennial mindset but I feel like we just have to show that we belong and that we are the right choice.

That’s just a small update on me. I have millions of things to do and accept. I’m still not done Christmas shopping and I have a trip I’m taking soon. Change is coming and part of me hates it but I know I have to accept it. Peace & blessings. Bear with me and this mini post. I’ll have great content soon (:


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