I don’t think I’m ready for my future

Lately as I think about my future, I freak out. Why? Because I don’t know what is going to happen. And when I say future, I mean the next two to three years. I recently just changed my major and I’m an official fourth year in college yet a third year at the Ohio State University because I transferred from Kent State University after my first year and all my credits didn’t transfer over. I’m not afraid about being a fifth year senior but I am afraid that I won’t get into the school I want to change my major to. I was originally a pre-medicine major that then became a nursing major which equals a lot of science classes and getting b+ to c+ in those classes doesn’t really give me an advantage for my GPA because everyone else didn’t have to take all these science classes like myself. I mean heck, my Calculus class won’t even count along with half the classes I have taken. I feel like if they don’t want to take my classes, why take my GPA? Let me start over. 

I know it’s not that easy but it’s taking a toll on my summer since I start my pre-communication classes in the fall and start applying for the school of communication. I can only pray on it and hope that I get in. Even if I don’t get in on my first attempt, I still can take classes and work on a minor and re-apply. I think that’s my saving grace, that I know I’ll have multiple chances. My Communications counselor said I could always go for my second choice but I want to work in PR and business, so unless I go for a business minor, I’ll have to keep applying. Then I try not to worry myself because I prayed long and hard to the Lord and asked him what I should do and that’s when I figured out Communications was my calling. It’s going to be a struggle, I’m currently struggling over if I should take a summer online class to increase my GPA but I have taken classes non-stop since Fall 2010… I’ve gone every summer and now, I just need a break I think. 

I want to enjoy my summer before I have a real job and I have no breaks. I’m just so conflicted but I’m sure in due time, I will figure out what I want to do. I’m sure I’ll get into the school of Communication, I just hope it’s with my first choice and not my second. Well, that’s enough of my sulking and second thoughts. 

Hope everyone’s week is going well, so far!


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