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Guess who went to Ikea? This girl right here. I took the two hour rode trip with my mom and sister this past Sunday and boy did I love it. I’m obsessed with Ikea there’s no secret about it. Quality furniture for a good price – especially for us young adults that are breaking out on our own. There was no way I need to overspend on an apartment or furniture that might not last in the future. I will say Ikea has been good to me. Whether it’s furniture or home accessories, there’s never a miss for me. I find something no matter what. This trip, I found the Lack side table which goes for $9 unless you get white which is $7. I love bargain side tables and I got one for my room – I have a list where I need to get one or two more for my living room. I bought the coffee table I have been eyeing for months, it was the last one there! I almost cried because I could have missed it. Then I invested in small things like vases, tupperware, candles, and lights. Little things but they make the mood and room look better. The only room left for me to really decorate is my room and I have no idea where I’m going with that. I have a gold and white bed set with white furniture so I guess I have to find really cool art to hang up and I want it to be chic and adult-y, ya know? Any ideas, please share! I kept it short this week because work has me up to my elbows in stuff to do. 

P.S. Can’t wait to do an apartment tour when I get everything together!!!

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