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If you’ve been keeping up with me, you would know that I just got my own place back in July. It’s my first place by myself so I’ve been crazy with the decorating and Pinterest. Now, I’ve been doing a room a month – somewhat. My bedroom, bathroom and the living room have been my biggest focus. All are basically 80% done so it’s time to do my office/desk area. Now this area is all one big room; the living room and dining room connect with a big space in the middle. So my office is in the middle of these two rooms, no worries it’s not major clutter either. Right now, it’s tragic looking. My desk is cluttered with my iMac (which is currently broke), a printer, and little nook. It’s not a big desk but I refuse to toss it until I absolutely need a new desk. 

These images popped up along my Pinterest feed and boy, do they make me want to buy a new everything. The simplicity and modern look is what I am going for. I have a white desk so it’s only right that I continue with the white. How can one look at these pictures and not get envious and wish that the decorators could just swoop in and decorate their home? I know I would love this. The white desk in the bottom middle and upper left hand corner are what I want and need. I would honestly feel so legit at that desk. It’s so mod and it just screams adult to me and that’s what I’m going for, ya know? My current desk is from the teenage area of Target. It shouts “you’ve had me since you were sixteen” and the wear & tear is a bit evident. 

Now, here’s my plan. I have a bookshelf which I am going to optimize for storage an clearing off my desk. I’m going to utilize the bookshelf by organizing it and making it as chic as I can – it’s a bookshelf from Ikea covered in quotes and I wish it was white. It’ll do until I move next year. I’m going to file and get all my things together. I need to get them all together so there’s no fight to find this stuff. I’m also going to use the extra frames I have lying around to take up some space and there’s this cute vase/cup I bought from Target that will be perfect for either decor or pens. 

I want to do a tassel garland and gallery type wall above the desk. Currently, there’s a canvas chilling there but it can easily move. I also want shelves so it’s going to be a pros and cons type of thing to decide what I do. This is going to be my September-October project… along with buying these gorgeous end tables and throw pillows that I saw at Homegoods. Homegoods is the place I’m going to buy knick knacks and cute desk stuff from. I’m so excited to show the haul when I get this stuff. I’ll be venturing out in like an hour to hunt for all this stuff. Trust and believe there will be florals and it’ll be Pinterest-worthy!

Fixing my iMac is also on my list. I’m thinking it’ll be cheaper to hit up Microcenter over the Apple Store. I’ll keep you updated on that because it’s been broke for two months and I’ve googled every possible solution. Thank goodness and my mom for my Macbook or I would be screwed. 

Have a lovely day!


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