Hello 21

Hi lovelies!

I just finished finals this past week and I turned twenty-one! What a fab way to celebrate, right? I was so excited for my birthday but I had to work and study before doing anything. My wonderful day started off to a room coated in streamers and balloons from my roommate. She’s literally the sweetest and I miss her so much since I’m back home now. Anyways, that definitely set the tone for me. I was so appreciative of what she did – it was the sweetest. My best friend, surprised me with a nice birthday dinner at this steak house with our friends and my family. I seriously had the best day ever. I had my first real drink that wasn’t a sip of one of my friends’ drinks. I tried a Sun and Sand, I hated it then I had a Pina Colada which was okay. I’m such a sweet tooth kinda person so I’m not sure what I like.

I’m currently in the market for an apartment. I’m going on my first viewing with my parents tomorrow! It’s so excited because I want to stay on campus but a semester in the dorms is literally a year in an apartment~ it’s probably my best bet so I’m not too deep in debt when graduation rolls around in two years.


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