Healthy Living Take 2

New year, Same B. I change all the time so why make it a goal? I think it’s helpful to have my other goals because I have never really been goal oriented and now I’m setting time tables and ideas with a timeframe. When it comes to my body, I would never set a timeframe or legit goal – why? I think that’s how the issue with body image starts because obsession starts to take over and the idealizing of someone’s body will impact how I want to look. Now, there’s nothing wrong with admiring how some of the fit girls look, trust me. I love Katya Henry and obsess over her abs and glutes all the time – same with Brittany Renner, Lauren Drain Fit, and so many more bombtastic ladies. They give me something to look forward to, in a sense. For the past year, I’ve gone to the gym with no real direction and I never really planned anything out so change might have happened but it was little or not really something I would notice until months later. 

I have an aspiration this year when it comes to the gym – stay on task and to challenge myself. Not only that but to eat as much as I can to fuel my body. It hit me on Friday that I go to the gym and repeatedly do the same weight with the same amount of reps, that is not going to help me. No way is there going to be any change or the pain that follows to show that my muscles were torn and repairing themselves. I realized this and on Friday, I increased the weight and reps 4 sets of 25 which meant 100 reps and my body felt it while I was at the gym. The normal thirty minute session I usually did lasted longer because I increased my reps and took it slow. I learned right then and there what my answer for a more toned and muscled body. 

What do I want to look like? Well, I think I mentioned this at one time that people have pointed out about how small I am or that I look anorexic – which I don’t and that’s not something to joke about because it’s an serious issue some people deal with. I’m average, completely average. I’m at the right weight increment for my height and whatnot but I want to weight more and I want to be toned. There’s no goal weight in this – I’ve been there and done that. I was ten pounds heavier than I am now and obsessively checked the scale after each workout and didn’t understand that muscle weighed more than fat. I was clueless and ignorant on the fitness world, I only wanted to lose weight and not think about anything the pre & post workout. 

Keys to Managing my healthy lifestyle

What am I going to do? 

  • Research the best ways to make sure I don’t hurt my body, first and foremost – that’s a major key. No one should compromise their health for body image. 
  • Not only am I going to research but I am not going to get obsessive about a certain look. Everyone’s body is different and I’ve learned that aspiring to look like someone will get you nowhere. I can aspire to be as toned and muscular but looking the exact same is going to be different. There’s going to be things that work for one person but not the other. 
  • Rest and not overwork my body. There comes a point where I can isolate and exhaust a muscle but I don’t want to do that constantly. I don’t want to work on one part of my body and forget the rest – I don’t want to be disproportional lol.
  • Eat and eat and eat. A healthy body made 70% in the kitchen with the diet. I eat really good, if I do say so myself. I refuse to restrict myself because hello, my dad calls me the cookie monster for a reason. I’m going to enjoy what I eat whether it’s a salad or cookie. 
  • Be happy. The only way to get through something is to accept it and go through it. I’m not going to have negative thoughts when it comes to my body and I’m going to be positive. 

There’s no timeframe because I refuse to push myself past my limit and start obsessing to look a certain way by a certain time. I used to do that all the time and I’m not about that life anymore. I just want to be healthy and happy. I want my body to know I love it so it loves me right back. Here’s to anyone on their fitness journey, I support you and welcome tips and suggestions!


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