He Said, She Said

As I’m gradually moving into the adult world, I’m noticing how crazy some of the things my peers and people say in general. I feel like for the most part we let social media affect our thinking and what people say on there affects how we think in the long run. Living in digital age, it’s weird to think of life without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are living in the smart age — an age where our phones don’t leave our hands and word travels fast. 

What would life be like without social media? Probably weird, maybe a bit more productive. 

I have two twitters — one that is complete teenage, college age tweets and one that embodies me now. I created a new one, the one connected to my blog, as a twitter that represents the me now but from time to time, I check my old one and timeline that holds most of my friends and acquaintances day to day thoughts. Sometimes I’m baffled, other times I’m laughing but most of the time I’m wondering when we decided to define the things that people say or do as how they feel or think about you. 

Do I fall for these tactics? I have and I still do at times. Why do we let what people think or say affect our thought process? For instance, “if she/he doesn’t text you back within a certain amount of time, she/he doesn’t really want to talk to you” or maybe they’re just busy? I don’t understand how this is a thought process for some people — I almost want to pair it with a insecurity or paranoia. People have lives outside of their phones! We work, we sleep, we eat, we do so much. We can’t group people and just assume why they did or didn’t text us back. Honestly, we just have to accept that things happen in people’s lives. 

These sayings are dare I say, childish? Especially since they started off at jokes and have become people’s way of thinking. Don’t let social media define your relationships. That’s when we start living in a world where we think our relationships are like everyone else’s and they aren’t. 

Everyone can’t be relationship goals. Stephen and Ayesha Curry are cute along with other celebrities couples but their relationship is THEIR relationship. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s friendship is THEIR friendship. We all have many ways to bond with each other and characteristics our friends love about us. Everyone is different and everyone treats a person differently depending on their personality and feelings. Don’t ever let that ‘He said, she said’ mumbo jumbo get to you. This falls into a line of trust. Do we really trust social media to tell us how we feel? Or do we want to interpret and talk about how we feel to our friends, family, and significant others?

And always remember, everyone’s experience with a person is not going to be your experience with that person. People meet people on bad days and good days — you just have to hope for the best. 

Would you say social media has affected your relationships?


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