Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to every important man out there. I have dozens of great men in my life especially growing up and the most important is the person I get to call my dad. I’m grateful every day to this man. I say it all the time but my dad has given me the world. He grew up without his own father and his mother passed when he was nineteen. He never let any of the define him – it might have framed his outlook but it never darkened him. My dad is the most positive and optimistic man I know. He’s set the standard for any man in my life. He makes me laugh like there’s no tomorrow and he helps me out in any way. The last twenty-three years are because of him and my mother. Their dedication and love to myself and siblings.

My dad served in the Army and even transferred to another state without us so he wouldn’t have to make us move. Selfless. He would do my hair when my mother had to work morning shifts and although my buns might have been loop-sided, he still tried. I look up to him and I always have. There’s no one that can replace the love this man gives me. From listening to me drone on and on about different circumstances and giving me advice, my dad is one of my best friends. His love for my mom makes me hopeful I find a love and man just as great. My parents reflect where I want to be one day. I’m lucky to have this goofy and fun-loving man as my father. A man who can do no wrong in my eyes. He loves my family to the moon & back. He does so much for us and I don’t think we could ever repay him. My love is all I got and he knows he is the best dad. He challenges me and tells me when I’m wrong. My dad has never babied me and spoiled me to the point where I can’t take a no. He taught me life isn’t fair by his experience and I thank him for that. He’s perfect. 

Happy Father’s Day to a man who makes me proud to be his daughter and lets me know constantly that I’ve never let him down. I love my daddy to infinity & beyond. 


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