Happy Birthday to My Favorite Guy — Dad

It’s my number one man’s birthday, my dad! My dad is probably my favorite person — actually, he is.

I probably got really lucky in the dad department because mine is great. He was my hero growing up and has definitely shaped my outlook on many things. He dishes out the tough the love which is probably why we’re all the way we are. I wanted to be an army nurse so I could work with him when I was little. I found papers that I wrote as a kid proclaiming him my hero. Daddy’s girl was my title growing up.

I think when you get older, you appreciate your parents more and more. I appreciate my dad and all that he has done for my family and myself. From putting in extra hours at work to coaching all of our teams when we played sports, he has really done it all. He definitely played the protective dad role when I was in high school. I could not go on dates until he met the guy. He would practice with us in the backyard or front yard when we wanted to get in extra reps. He lived in Atlanta for a year when he got transferred without the rest of us, just so we wouldn’t have to move. Selfless. I love my dad.

When school would get me in a funk, my dad was that person who would claim that a C and above are okay. I’m a perfectionist that strived for A’s so you could tell I was disappointed if that did not happen. College courses and grades? I would talk about dropping out all the time but my dad’s talks would help me refocus — not that I would have dropped out but I would contemplate it.

The funniest person that I know is my dad. He’s full of jokes and laughs. He’s a great person to be around if you want positivity and happiness. Super chill and I’m pretty much my dad when it comes down to those parts of my personality.

He’s definitely the man, the myth, the legend. Rocko would tell you that he’s his favorite human.

Happy Birthday to our favorite human — my dad & Rocko’s granddad. He’s the bomb dot com. Love you, dad!


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