Happiest Place in the World

Whew, I haven’t posted in awhile. Let’s just say summer classes got the best of me. Fortunately, I am done!! Thankfully, my last week of classes was spent in the hot sun at Disney World! For my grandparents 50th anniversary, they wanted us all there to witness their vow renewals along with a family trip to Disney World. One thing is for sure, planing around everyone is possibly the hardest thing to do. Everyone wants to do their own thing which isn’t bad but it complicates things because we have to run all over. I will admit that I didn’t go in the mornings, two of our last days and I just lounged by the pool because the sun was literally draining. I got a great tan, yay! I’m the typical 22 year old that thinks she is five and a princess at Disney. I had no shame in wearing Minnie Mouse ears everywhere and being that overly cute person for the amusement park. Every year I go, the parades get better and this year Frozen was incorporated into Hollywood Studios and that was just so amazing and cute. I love Frozen. Anyways, I just moved into my new place so expect pictures once it is chic and perfect. 


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