My Gym Bag Necessities with U By Kotex Fitness

Being confident at the gym has been something that I’ve been working on since forever — am I lifting the correct way? Am I using this machine the right way? I’m always questioning myself, but I’ve slowly gained the confidence I need to stop hesitating and do my thing with the guys. I’m going to Mexico in a few weeks, so my love-hate relationship with the gym has become a love-love relationship as I work-out to make sure that I look great. Even if I don’t achieve my body goals, I’m still going to wear my swimsuit because this is the first vacation I’ve had in years and the gym is just helping mine with some body confidence.

How do I motivate myself? Good question. It isn’t something I can be counted on to do every day. I have not gotten to that level yet, but I will get there. Right now, you can expect to see me two or three times a week but don’t make any plans with me on it because you might not be able to count on me showing up. Mexico and the idea of wearing a swimsuit motivates me. There are a few fitness Instagram models that help push me, too.

The one thing I can rely on is that my gym bag is always stocked up with the necessities. I’m prepared for any and everything when it comes to my gym bag. Yes, I’m prepared for Aunt Flo because my period is not something that is going to hold me back from my workouts. Plus, working out helps alleviate cramps and can speed up your period so why would I ever pass up on going to the gym. You can count on finding U By Kotex Fitness in my bag for that monthly occasion. I’m not going to lie, I hate working out on my period because I find myself uncomfortable but I have a goal. Luckily, U By Kotex Fitness is made for that reason — I’m comfortable and able to workout with a worry and I’m not self-conscious when I wear my leggings.

Let’s just say that I’m prepared for everything! My bad has everything that I need for my trips to the gym. These are things I can’t forget, I might add something here or there but these five items are my go-to.

Workout Gear

I always bring an extra shirt with me because it’s a ten-minute drive to and from the gym. I need to get out of the sweaty shirt and feel dry to some extent. When it’s snowing or raining outside, you can believe that my gym shoes are in my bag because I don’t want to squeak or slip around the gym. Always have a sweatshirt in there, too because the gym is either cold or hot — there’s no in between. Maybe I should overpack for the gym like I do trips? That way I would have everything, to be honest.


I can’t workout unless I have my phone and headphones with me. The gym music playlist just doesn’t do it for me — I have songs that will keep me going and encourage me to keep going. Headphones can not be left behind or the workout is not going to be long. I know, it’s sad but I will cut it short if I can’t get into my workouts. Don’t forget your headphones ever. It might not be as tragic for you but I am a little bit dramatic when it comes to my music and needing something to get in the workout mood.

U By Kotex Fitness

Aunt Flo is not catching your girl out in the streets slipping! I’m always prepared. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable during a workout and it’s annoying to have to worry about something that is natural. I feel confident in knowing that I can workout without thinking about my period. I can go about my workout as a boss and that is why these are in my bag. One, they are shaped to fit & flex with your body to keep you comfortable during exercise plus you can feel good in your leggings. Two, they are designed for exercise! Like that’s the best thing about the U By Kotex Fitness and why they make my world go around. Don’t forget your U By Kotex Fitness, trust me. It’s the perfect accessory for those unexpected moments.

Want a goodie? Here’s a $2 off coupon to try out the U by Kotex Fitness, go visit your local Walgreens and see for yourself why these are great for your workout!

Hygiene Products

I’m a person that avoids germs, smells, and breakouts so I have to have an assortment of hygiene products. I have antibacterial wipes for my hands because I do like to touch my face and I need to wipe my hands before doing any of that. I also use my antibacterial wipes to remove some of the sweat because it’s a little bit gross. Also, I can’t forget the face wipes — I’m all about the Salicylic Acid pads to wipe my face since I’m not taking a shower at the gym. The wipes are a quick refresher so I can feel like I’m a little clean as I drive home to jump in the shower. Obviously, deodorant and body spray are needed to add on to my freshness.


Am I the only person that feels like they’re starving after a workout? Probably not. I bring food with me wherever I go. Usually, you can find a granola bar on me because that’s my go-to. It’s recommended that you eat within the thirty minutes after working out so my granola or protein bar holds me over until I can actually heat something up or cook a meal. Don’t forget your snacks, they’re useful especially if you need a sugar intake when you feel lightheaded.

That’s it for my bag!

I add things every now and then like a towel if I do decide to take a shower at the gym or a change of clothes if I have somewhere to be. My hygiene products stay put. You won’t catch me with my U by Kotex Fitness and deodorant, that’s for sure. I’m on my own personal journey of being more confident in the gym especially as a woman.

Don’t forget your $2 off coupon to try out the U by Kotex Fitness, go visit your local Walgreens and see for yourself why these are great for your workout! Thanks, Ibotta for the offer.

What’s in your gym bag? Share below!



  1. May 22, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Just came across your blog and I love every bit of it. U by Kotex is the brand I have been using since the time I started my period, so it’s really cool that you are speaking about it! xx

    Jordyn //

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