COLLEGE | Graduation is Looming Upon Me

What are my biggest worries as graduation is approaching?

My biggest worry has to be the job process. I’ve been offered about four jobs, I didn’t like any of those four.. full-time wise. The job offer I got yesterday, I love but it’s part-time with full-time potential but it’s what I want to do to gain experience! It’s such a hard decision to make, I don’t want to settle for a full-time job I don’t like but I have to have faith & prayer that this part-time turns into full-time very quickly.

All my friends going their separate ways. I literally feel like I’m going to have no friends once graduation comes along because everyone is moving away from our lovely university. I’m staying here though with no friends. It kinda sucks.

Finding a new apartment. This is also something I couldn’t settle or commit to until I found a job/career. I needed the leverage and affordability before I could sign a lease. I’m hoping to start my part-time job in two weeks so I’m hoping I will know my limit and how much I can settle for because I have been eyeing the cutest complex and I can’t wait to decorate. I am afraid of living alone though – my mother thinks finding a roommate would be best and more affordable but I honestly want to live by myself and live by my rules and do whatever I want in my place.

Adult World. I don’t want to grow up honestly. If I could, I would have stayed twenty forever but I’m about to be twenty-three and closer to thirty by another year. It’s weird, I have all these goals as an adult though and I’m not going to give up on them. I WILL be involved in PR and I feel like this job will give me the proper experience along with some freelance things like writing and graphics. I’ve got a lot going on and I can’t wait but I really can wait.



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