GIFTS | Graduation Gift Ideas!

1. Kate Spade Laptop Case 2. TJ Maxx Crossbody 3. Planner 4. Pencil Pouch
5. mobile charger 6. Fossil Watch 7. Alex and Ani Bangle

It’s graduation season, y’all! The time has come where all the graduations are rallying up and almost over with. The graduation parties have just began though! I know this because I graduated three weeks ago from college and people are still having grad parties – not only that but my youngest sister graduated a week ago and the high school graduation parties are just now starting. For me, I’m possibly the most indecisive person who puts too much thought into the gift and how long they can use it, if it’ll grow with them or be discarded after a year, etc. 

Now, my sister just turned eighteen and is off to college along with some of her closest friends and having just wrapped up my collegiate career, I think I know the direction to go for some of these girls. I know not to cash out because they can easily get tired of the gift or not want it at all. 

These gifts that I listed are not overly expensive except maybe the Kate Spade – hit up the outlet Kate Spade though! That’s the place to get great deals. I’m a hug fan of all things Kate Spade and how cute and feminine everything is – this laptop case is my favorite and there’s a purse that matches that I might have to snag from myself. The TJ Maxx Crossbody is ideal for Orientation Week and those first few weeks when everyone is going out and figuring out their social life at University. This is ideal because it’s small and it wraps across the body, making it harder for it to be snatched off. 

The products are my favorite! They are adorable and targeted towards young adults in a great way. Shop has tumblers, travel mugs, tech stuff, everything that a college girl should desire. The planners are adorable and match the Lilly Pulitzers in some way but I found the planners more appealing and fun. The mobile charger is a well needed thing when running from class to class and not having time to stop by the dorm to charge up your phone and the pencil case is just cute! It’s like Kate Spade but not as expensive.

The Fossil Watch pictured above is actually what I bought my sister for her graduation. I’d been planning this for a year, no joke. I wanted to give her a grown yet subtle gift and this watch shouted her name when I was at TJ Maxx (I’m literally at TJ Maxx/Home Goods four times a week). She loved it – it was her adult gift in her eyes! We just have to make it fit her wrist but she loves it and I love it, I almost kept it. Lastly, the Alex and Ani bangles. These are a hit, they’re not overly expensive and could work in the budget if you’re shopping for three or four friends. I love them, they’re beautiful and simple – not over the top and cluttered. They have different occasion bangles which is nice because there are graduation ones. 

I hope this is somewhat helpful – I know these are things I like and would invest in for my sister and her friends. Nothing over the top where they would have to reject the gift, just things that they would love and cherish for quite some time. xo!


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