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If I could look back to three years ago, I definitely would not know that my friendship to Kelsea would blossom into what it is now. You might be thinking why is she writing about this girl? Or why is she always mentioning Kelsea? And I would counter with, why not? I was going to do a Woman of My Month Series basically focused on public figures that I notice doing good or speaking up about something that I feel should be touched upon. I have a list of amazing women like Michelle Obama, Zendaya, Serena Williams, Ashley Graham and so much more people that speak on things or do things that other people don’t want to talk about. Kelsea is my first choice. Why? Growth and dedication. Hard-working and determined.

Who is Kelsea?

Three years ago, I was sitting next to a girl in a car and had no idea who she was. We were stuck in traffic for an hour and missed J.Cole at Purdue. I remember thinking, “Why am I in the front seat? I don’t know this girl. I don’t even know if her name is like Kel-see or Kel-see-ah.” I literally avoided saying her name the whole time until someone else said it and she responded. I still didn’t know if she was just the person who answered though and didn’t care if it was pronounced wrong then I said it wrong one day and she let me know it was Kel-See. After that, it was basically set in stone that we were going to be friends. I learned her business and she learned mine. Unlike myself, Kelsea was already a career woman and making me pout every time she came over with a new shopping bag or buying everyone drinks at the bar. She was living in the real world and she was my person to ask big questions.

We had times where we raced down E 9th Street to MadMex for 50% off nachos and Big Booty Margaritas and we raced from the car to 113 a few times after parties – all racing was done on foot, Kelsea is a big “Click it or Ticket it” advocate so we’d never race in cars. The differences between Kelsea and weren’t that different besides Kelsea being the one to run up to people and talk or take a quick picture while I preferred to sing songs and act like I was Beyonce. We ended up living together for a year and let’s just say that was an interesting time in everyone’s life.

I’ve seen growth and change through the years of knowing Kelsea. We went from girls that enjoyed the weekends to talking about work and different networking events around town. We push each other but Kelsea pushes me more. Every time I approached her with a concern, she’s like “Seriously, do it.” – there’s no hesitation with her because when she believes in someone, she stands by them. This is why I appreciate her. I’ve seen her grow from my best friend to my sister and best believe we would fight like sisters back in the day. If I could describe Kelsea in one word, I wouldn’t be able to because that’s limiting her to just one word and she wouldn’t do that to anyone else.

Last week, she started her journey at her dream job – she might refer to it as her dream job, I’m not sure but I think it’s her dream job because it incorporates many things that she excels at. Kelsea is like my big sister in a way… she is older than me and she has experienced many things I have not which is why I turn to her a lot and look up to her in a little sister way. I’m proud of her though and I continue to cheer her on with every endeavor. If you could see the growth I witnessed from November 2013 to now, you would understand why this is a great move for Kelsea. If you could understand the joy and tears, the serious discussions about our next step in life, you would know why this is a post basically dedicated to a good person that deserves it. I wish I could say I was like a proud mama but that’s Renee’s job and she did a pretty good job on my bestie.

Why Kelsea?

For August, Kelsea is my Woman of the Month. If you want to know someone that will root you on while playing in their own game, this is the person. If you want someone who basically has all the logical and deep answers, find Kelsea. If you want to deal with some sass and her bitmojis, Kelsea is a tweet away. If you need someone to answer their phone when you’re frustrated about silly things and calms you down, Kelsea does a pretty good job at doing that. I don’t think you’ll find a person more dedicated to Columbus than this Columbus native/local. Need spontaneous and adventure? Call Kelsea a few hours in advance and you’re off to your adventure. If you need someone to say congrats to on a new job, head to and drop a comment or tweet her @kelseagunner. Don’t miss out on the inspiration and realness she delivers. I appreciate her. After all, she is my person – we’re Meredith and Cristina just in case you didn’t know.

Congrats Kelsea Renee Danielle Wiggins!! You deserve nothing but the best. Don’t put anyone’s opinions and feelings before your dreams and goals – that’s what you taught me in many other words but I stand by them.


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