Gabby Turns 20!

Another sister, another birthday.

Happy Birthday, Gabby! Lucky me, I get all the birthdays out of the way the first six months of the year besides my dad.

You can’t really define Gabby because she’s so many things. That’s what makes her Gabby, though. Another proud big sister moment because she does a lot. From her sorority stuff to SWE and engineering things that she takes part in, she’s really doing her thing in college.

But the Gabby I know is the Gabby that had dozens of accidents in her life and caused a lot of laughing throughout the years. She was also accident-prone as a child. Hardheaded and determined are the perfect words to describe her. Middle child syndrome would be something that she suffers from. She’s the third of four kids and the middle of the girls.

I will remember her as the sister that tried to drown me when we first moved to Ohio and the sister that constantly stole my clothes. Her sixth-grade portrait has an outfit that is entirely mine — there’s no denying it or hiding it.

Gab is going to do great things. This would be longer but I know she’s not sappy or emotional.

Happy 20th Birthday!


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