Forever Etched in Skin

Tattoos. Those are something I’m not stranger to. I can’t lie I love them – I have four and I get them randomly. I don’t plan these out too far in advance, maybe a day or two but that is about it. Don’t worry, I don’t have crazy things inked into my skin permanently. Oh no, these are things that all mean something to me. Each tattoo has a meaning and is special to me. I believe everyone has meaning to their tattoos. They might randomly pick out a picture they like and get it but there’s a reason for getting that tattoo. I’ve never done this… so much thought has gone into what is going to be inked onto my body forever. I’ve literally thought about these ideas for months. I have so many ideas swimming in my head, I’m lucky if I get out and get that tattoo while I’m still thinking about it. 

I will say to never let someone deter you if you think this is the right thing to do. My first idea was a tattoo that was in honor of Breast Cancer. I never got it because the idea and image wasn’t one of my own. The tattoos I do have, they’ve been inspiring and reminders for me. My first tattoo took three and a half hours. It takes up the entire left side of my torso. It’s beautiful. My tattoo artist took the image I sent her and made a great sketch that she imprinted onto my skin. There’s color and detail that I don’t think I would get anywhere else. She’s dedicated to her work and the quality will always be greater than quantity for me. My first tattoo represents the quote “Before you ask which way to go, remember where you’ve been.” There’s a compass with a bird flying off for adventure while an anchor holds down my life and experiences. I wish I had a picture to show off how beautiful it is, a selfie in the mirror would do it no justice. 

My second tattoo is a quote from the Harry Potter series. I’m obsessed and it means a lot to me. It sounds silly to some people and others have called me a dork but I don’t care. I love. In typewriter font, “the ones who love us, never really leave us” It’s part of Sirius Black’s good side shown in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Why this quote? It’s longer than what is on my arm. But it went on with Sirius explaining that we hold everyone and everything that means something to us in our heart and that is true for me. I love it. It’s probably my favorite.

The last two are small. The third one, I got with my best friend Kelsea. It’s a best friend tattoo and representation of my relationship with The Lord. It’s a Cross on the back of my neck and it’s small but holds such a mighty meaning. My fourth tattoo is newly birthed onto the inside of my write. “God is greater than the highs and lows”  in symbolic language. I was having a tough time – tough time understanding why I was down and the amount of love God has for me. I finished the book Spoken For and made my appointment, got it the next day and it’s a constant reminder that is there for me to see every day. It’s a blessing. 

My advice to those that want a tattoo, research and research. I looked at different artists and shops before settling with Sam. I wanted to work with someone who got my ideas and could put them together for me. Plus she’s always made sure I was comfortable and okay throughout the process. Know that you want this piece stuck on you forever, that you aren’t going to regret it. Adore it and love it, it needs to make you smile every day. Inform people of your decision if you want, I never do and my parents have yet to kill me. A tattoo is a beautiful thing, don’t let anyone take that away from you and those thoughts. It can honor any and every thing, not everyone is going to understand your mind and that’s fine. Live your life! I know I am, I refuse to let anyone hold me back from what I want to do. 


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