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If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area and never visited Melt, you are seriously missing out. I’ve spent months trying to convince my family to go after my first two trips and they would never listen. It was honestly a struggle until I suggested on my mom & daughter date day yesterday. It is underwhelming your first trip, I won’t ever deny that.

When you first walk in, you’re hit with a funky design and such a laid back atmosphere. Obviously it’s not laid back being a restaurant though and having waiters running around, trying to keep up with the tables. There’s figures throughout the times, mainly before the 2000’s like Michael Jackson and The Beatles. It’s really cool when you first walk in. The designs are great and pull people in. What is Melt? Grilled Cheese concoctions. Cleveland was the base of it all and well, great things come out of Ohio for the most part. 

The Menu | This is what is underwhelming and you will literally lose your mind. There are so many different grilled cheese sandwich combinations and it makes it so hard to choose. I’m a fan of trying new things but I’ve had the same thing recently which is the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese sandwich which is pictured above. There’s an abundance of sandwiches to try – Fish & Chips Grilled Cheese, Backyard BBQ Grilled Cheese, Chicken & Waffles Grilled Cheese. It’s literally insane and I know the Chicken & Waffles is next on my life, I kid you not.

Pricing | $$ It’s not cheap unless you get a regular grilled cheese sandwich with fries, that’s it. I will say it’s not over the top but around $12 to $13 for an entree. It’s not a fancy place but I would go on a date here. If my future boyfriend wanted to bring me here, I’d give him a fat kiss on the cheek and say yes. I would love to bring all of my family here, I know my dad would be against it at first but he would like it because come on, who doesn’t?

Atmosphere |  The people are great. I’ve never had a bad experience while I was at Melt. I think the only thing that killed me was the air conditioning and the fact that it was blasting. That’s it though. The service was great and the people were great. Everyone that comes in is just trying to enjoy their concoctions and group. There’s a bar too so it’s family-friendly and adult friendly. Plus it’s just so fun and I took pictures but of course, I don’t have them on my phone anymore. 

I hope this place expands to other states because it’s worthy of all. There might even be another with a different name in another state and people are enjoying it. I would hope so. I hope it takes off and gives people the joy of going from simple grilled cheese to luxury grilled cheese. I give this place five stars out of five because I love food and grilled cheese. I love creative things and I’m a picky eater but at this place, you can’t be too picky. Gotta enjoy the yummy food!


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