Fill Those Stockings With These Ideas!

Stockings are just the beginning of Christmas — unless you open the last then they’re your grand finale. Either way, stockings are the icing on the cake. My siblings and I all have matching ones and my mom places nametags on them and knows what’s inside everyone’s so we can’t swap before someone gets downstairs. You could say they’re a big deal in the Miller household. In my own household, I had them hanging for decoration but my roommate and I will be stocking each other’s stockings and I’ll be shipping one off for my boyfriend. As I realized that I had to put two together, I remembered that I had never done this and what exactly would be acceptable?

Thinking back on my parents and everything they stashed into our’s, I knew it wasn’t about the big things — stockings are where the little things come in. From gift cards and candy to socks and soap, you can get really creative with a stocking. I know I’m going to for C because he asked for a stocking and I’m a doting girlfriend, obviously… not really but I can and will attempt. It’s not hard to shop around for my roommate because she’s a female and we tend to like the same things or similar things. That’s the easy part and I can only imagine my future-self attempting to stuff stockings for my children and throwing the candy out. 

Are you in charge of stuffing stockings this year and have no idea what to buy? We can go on this adventure together. Think back on some of the things that you’ve received in the past, would you give those gifts? Gift cards and fuzzy socks are a done deal. Who doesn’t like those? If your person isn’t a fan, have a nice chat with them about all these perks. Your feet are warm and the socks aren’t suffocating your feet. They soft and you can wear them with your boots and feel extra warm. Done deal.

I didn’t want to generalize this list to a specific gender because I felt like I would repeat myself on a few things. 

Nail polish, lip balm, lip kits, shaving kits, and grooming kits take the majority in the beauty category. They’re simple and easy to buy — Essie & OPI nail polish is like $3 at TJ Maxx and Marshalls so you can literally get it for 2/3 of the price. Other nail polish brands are cool, too. Lip balm is a necessity going into this cold season. Chapped lips aren’t fun and that’s coming from someone who’s lips are chapped and Carmex is sitting right in front of me. I’m a fan of all lip balms and chapsticks as long as it’s not too greasy and clogging the pores around my lips because that can happen. 

Scarves, earmuffs, hats, and gloves should be the next move. If you know someone that is living in these cold times, lend them a hand and pick these up. You can never have too many pairs of gloves especially if you always lose a pair. Earmuffs and hats are perfect because they keep the ears warm and I’m sure they will have a warm welcome to the stocking receiver. Throw in a scarf to keep that neck warm — mine comes in handy when I want to cover my face as I walk. It gets tough when the snow starts blowing in your face and getting in your way. These are a can’t fail when it comes to filling that stocking. 

We could all this the other category — the category where miscellaneous gifts fall into. Nonetheless, they’re still good ideas for stocking stuffers and things I have turned to. A monogram cup means a lot to me because that’s your personalized cup, no one can drink out of it (well, they can but you have every right to talk about germs on your personalized cup). You can never go wrong with a movie especially when there are $5 movies at Target and Wal-Mart. Stock up on a good movie and stuff if into the stocking especially if you know the receiver will like that movie. Headphones are a necessity especially for those of us who always lose them. Give the gift of listening to music and help out a friend that needs multiple pairs because they misplace things. Last, candy. You can’t go wrong with candy unless they don’t like sweets then a granola bar will work.

Stockings are fun although they are not essential. If you’re going to give a stocking, just do your best because I can tell you right now that’s what I did. I stuffed the dang thing and I’m hoping for the best as I travel with it. People like the thought, at least I do. It’s Christmas, be cheerful and happy. Give a gift and eat a candy cane. What do you stuff into stockings? What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in your stocking?

P.S. Is anyone else a fan of the initial stockings? Target’s are adorable!


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