Favorite Spots to Eat in Downtown Columbus

I like to eat. A lot. I like to cook and I like to order food. I’m a super fan of food. Why would you not be a fan of something that brings so much joy, ya know? When you talk about food, what do you share? Favorite places to go, places to avoid, breaking the food down into categories and suggesting where to go when a person is trying to eat tacos or a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. We talk about food and give suggestions — if I’m asking where I should go to eat, I am hoping that you give me a great idea with hopes that I’ve never been there.

Lucky enough for me, I live in Columbus, Ohio which means the area serves up some great food. It’s literally a melting pot, especially in Downtown Columbus. We’re lucky here. I’m lucky to be able to sample different food and have friends that want to do so with me. Food is food is food and it’s yummy. All of the places that I am suggesting are in the Downtown area, an area that people flock to when they come to town to visit because of the spots it has to offer. You have Nationwide Area for concerts or Blue Jackets games and Ohio Stadium where the Ohio State Football plays games. Not only that but there is the Schottenstein Center which hosts events. There’s so much to Columbus that I’m not touching on but the food is definitely something to try. If you’re blessed enough to be in a location with a variety, say a quick Amen.  

Pint House

This is at the top because Pint House might be the number one place in my heart. I get the same basic thing every day but it’s a good thing. There are these loaded fries that I order and I love them. They have this special sauce and I wish I knew what it was called but it’s great. The place is a Biergarten as they like to call it — not really but it says it at the top and has this cool opening in the ceiling where you can see the sky. There are string lights hung up across the ceiling and bottles lining some of the walls, it’s a gorgeous sight. I hate that I only have pictures of the food and not the inside. That’ll be my goal next time but it’s a great place, usually load because it’s a place everyone flocks to. 


Another downtown place. Forno is small on the inside but the food is quite filling. They have your basics but their pizza is something they’re known for. I’m a huge fan of the pizza and I got hooked on magherita pizza because of this place. It’s a place that sets the mood, definitely a date spot although I was on a fan date. The pizza was remarkable and I took home the leftovers so that’s how you know it was satisfying and blessed my life. They have brunch although I haven’t been, I am a fan of brunch and will go there one day. 

Melt Bar and Grilled

This is a close second to being my favorite. If you love grill cheese sandwiches, you need to go here. Not only are there basic grill cheese sandwiches but they’re gourmet and remixed with different food in them. There’s two in Columbus at the moment and some up in the Cleveland area. This is a place you don’t want to miss out on, that’s all I’m saying. I have made it a goal to try different sandwiches when I go. They’re huge, super huge and most suggest that people should go in on a half but why do that when you can have leftovers? I do the buffalo chicken grill cheese but there are so many to choose from that’ll you want to switch it up and try something new each trip. 

Standard Hall

Tator tots. Boozy popsicles. This is going to be one of my favorite spots. It’s not too old, just a few months and I went with a friend to get a basic burger. This bar is pretty, so pretty. It’s modern and pretty big. Whoever built this had size in mind. They had a lot to offer on the food size and quite a large liquor and wine menu. I definitely give a B+ to the burger I had plus tator tots. I’m a tator tot fan so this place won my heart just like that. What are boozy pops? They have legit popsicles made out of alcohol on the menu and I know that’s not something we’re unaccustomed to but it’s nice to stop by and grab one on a hot summer day. 

North Market

Variety. This is where you want to go to variety — North Market features food from different cultures it’s really cool. There is this Italian restaurant that I always visit that has quite the stackable grilled cheese sandwich. When you walk in, it can be overwhelming due to all the different places to eat and I would suggest a lap around the place before deciding on what you’re going to eat. Back in college, my class took a field trip to this place and we had a project that included studying the different restaurants and the cultures. This place is a melting pot and if you can’t decide on what you want to eat, take a walk with your date and you can join each other at the table with different picks. 

Now, I haven’t been to every restaurant in Columbus and I don’t think I ever will because this place brings in new food spots all the time. I’m not an expert but I love the places that I chose — they feature basic food choices, obviously and general pieces that most people like. One day I’ll get around breaking it down into food categories — Italian, Indian, American, etc. These are my suggestions for you if you are visiting or need a place to go that you haven’t been yet. 

What are your suggestions for your city? (I like to travel so please share!)


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