Just last month, I was pacing and worrying about how much I would have to take out for a student loan. I’m a junior and I’ve already accumulated an amount which I make a $50 payment to each month. This was only the beginning though. With plans to go pre-medicine, I still have four more years of schooling before even receiving a residency. I was honestly doubting my career path and considering a change. Then I got a letter and I was blessed with so much happiness. I had received a scholarship that would be covering 93% of my tuition. Such a blessing and I must always praise the Lord. I prayed on my problems and I chose not to worry because I know the Lord would give me an answer and he did. Prayer is such a strong thing. Answers have come all the time for me, whether it took a day, week, or month– I’ve received an answer and I’m oh so blessed and grateful for this scholarship. It just gives me even more drive to go for my dream.

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