Crisp Air, Leaves Changing, Fashion Revival.

Charlotte Russe $5 and Up

The leaves are turning colors and the air is getting crisper, Autumn is finally here. The chilly weather has come and gone for the week because it’s Ohio. What’s my favorite thing about Autumn? The clothes! I love the clothes and my wardrobe is full of cardigans. Now, I’ve been looking for a place for weeks to buy new clothes. I’m indecisive and I have been hating everything that I have seen so far. I guess it’s a good thing that I went online to Charlotte Russe and saw they have a 5+ Sale going on right now. Let’s just say that I am going to have fun when I actually go to the store and try everything on. Want to know the great thing about all of these? They’re all $20 and below!! I try to budget because I have this thing with saving and feeling rich in my head. 

My favorite thing about the fall is the colors – heather gray, crimson red, blood orange, army/olive green, beige, taupe, and black. I love how neutral all these colors are and how great they look with my hair. I’m really picky with how my clothes look with my hair and lipsticks. I have bright and bold colors for make-up and dark hair. These all call for neutral colors that let the accessory pieces stand out. Boots are my favorite thing as well. I have tons but I have no booties like the ones pictured above. The gray pair pictured, I want in every single color. I feel like they will work with cuffed jeans well and I can’t wait to indulge in them. The second pair of booties are black and fringe. The peep toe is cute but I could do without them, I’ll still buy them if they look good on me. Goodness, can you imagine how great they’ll look with dark blue jeans, cuffed and distressed?!?

Oh! The jeans are also buy one and get the other $12.50!! How awesome is that?! I’m going to try on a dozen of pairs before I select the right pair because they all looked great online. Now those dresses – I feel like you can pull off these dresses because there’s a bit of summer flair and fall thrown together. The sleeveless dress would be paired great with a leather jacket, I can see it now. The off-the-shoulder dress would be great with booties… everything is great with booties. Imagine a bold or textured pair of tights and leggings with a flared dress. I wish I had found some skirts because skater skirts are my favorite. I think Blair Waldorf when I imagine this outfit especially with the boots. That tan jacket was probably the only thing above $20, at $25. I think this is the perfect jacket until it’s freezing out. It would look great with skater skirts and textured tights. You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket either.

Those cardigans are $10 by the way and I have an obsession with cardigans. They just look soft and comfortable. I couldn’t imagine life without snuggling up in one of these babies with a cup of tea. Pair with a sheer tank or v-neck and it’s business or casual. Cardigans can go a long way. Those leggings – leather and textured are both $10 while regular cotton are $5. I have never seen cheaper leggings unless it’s Wal-Mart or a sale at XXI. I live in leggings so this is perfect. I love it, I love it. Charlotte Russe for the win this week although if you’re looking for Aztec or printed cardigans, Marshalls have those beauties for $16.99 and some were super thick. I love looking for the lower prices if you couldn’t tell. Forever also has their Denim tops for a regular price because denim (and plaid especially crimson/scarlet/red) go well with leather. Scarves and gold jewelry are great accessories, same with pearls! I’m big on accessorizing because those can take simple to great.

There’s no shirts pictured above because I’m obsessed with sheer tops and I feel like it’s overdoing it with multiple sheer tops. Don’t sit and wait on these beauties. I know I’m not especially because I love Fall and the layering. I’m also in the market for heeled boots, any suggestions? 


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