Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippies

Christmas is right around the corner and my inbox is quickly being filled up with deals that are going on this holiday season — it’s actually been a great reminder that I need to get on it with my Christmas shopping. Colourpop has been a brand that has been on it with the emails and I don’t mind them at all. Why? I have two younger sisters that enjoy make-up and all the things that have to do with dressing up every now and then. Plus I like the colors they have to offer and they would make the perfect gift for myself from myself, unless of course, someone wants to use them as a stocking stuffer for me… hint, hint mom. 

One, you guys deserve this post because I bought these lippies a month ago and posted an image on Instagram but never wrote my review. I gave a quick review on Twitter but that doesn’t count because I didn’t get to talk about why I’m in love and obsessed. 

I’m a lip person. I buy lipsticks before I buy anything else when it comes to make-up. I don’t have those perfect plump lips although I really wish I did. I’ve considered fillers, trust me. I want lips like some of my friends and it sounds weird to say they have perfect lips but they do. I’m jealous of y’all, FYI. I have lips and they’re just not plump. People would think I would shy away from bold and bright colors but no. Not Brittnee. I’m fully embracing that I do have lips to color and force a pout. I will load up on lip colors because lip colors are my thing. I’m not good at eye makeup but I am good at lining my lips and filling them in with a bomb ass color. That picture up there does not do these colors justice. Trust me, the A6 filter from VSCO has been applied after I emailed all the pictures from my Nikon to my phone.


Sounds poisonous, right? This color gives me life when I wear neutral and basic colors. I know red lips can do that but sometimes, you have to introduce pink into your life. It’s described as a dusty rose color and I would agree with that comparison. Part of my wishes I had my highlights still because I would be parading around like I was J.Lo with this color.

Times Square

Neutral all the way. This is another pink color which I don’t have a lot of, to be honest. I had maybe two pink colors before this and the rest were dark reds and two nude colors. I like Times Square but it takes me awhile to warm up to pink colors because I had such yellow undertones and I’m super bright so I’m afraid of looking washed out. 


Possibly my favorite. Bumble is more of a coral reddish pink in my eyes. It’s fun and playful. I would wear this on a night out with friends. I don’t feel like it’s an overwhelming color, it might look like it from the picture but it’s pretty tame. I feel my best in this color just because it meshes well with my skin tone. 

More Better

Better this one and Are N Be, they would probably be my favorites if I didn’t get Bumble. Bold and bright. It’s another color I did not have. It’s a wine color and you can’t go wrong with a wine color. I would wear this at all times if I could. I don’t know what it is about bold colors but I love them. Just wish I had more of a tan to really stand out in them. 

Are N Be

This would basically fall into line with More Better’s description. Bright and bold. You will stand out. I love it. I’m becoming obsessed with bold pink/violet/plum colors. It’s not as pink as More Better which is nice because I have two standout colors.


Bianca would have to be my least favorite. Why? It’s a soft pink and sometimes I look good and sometimes I don’t. It’s true that certain colors don’t work for everyone. My olive/yellow skin just can’t seem to pull this color off without mixing it with a darker color. It’s a pretty color. 

Chi is on the far right, it’s not being sold anymore from what I know — it was a collaboration color so the time probably lapsed on that. This is the neutral color, it’s more of a tan/brown color and I like it. I thought I would hate it because of how light I am but I can pull it off which is nice. 

Overall, the pigment is fantastic. I tell no lies when I say it’s rich and bold. The colors come out within the first layer, you don’t have to go past one if you like it. The formula goes on really nice. I will say that my lips last most of the day with maybe one or two reapplying when needed. Obviously, it’s matte color but it’s not as drying as other matte lipsticks I’ve had. I can get throughout the day without excessive peeling. Plus one should always exfoliate before applying.

One con is that it takes forever to take the darker colors off if you apply a few layers which I do because I haven’t become a lip wand master yet. But other than that, I have no complaints, I truly enjoy these colors and they are dragging me away from my MAC lipstick collection which is pretty big for a girl that was in college a year and a half ago, spending money whenever she got it. 

I’m a fan — I will continue to buy the products, in fact, I recently just bought their gel liner pencil and another lippie so we shall see how this goes. What’s your favorite Colourpop product? What colors do you recommend?



  1. January 30, 2017 / 10:04 am

    Right now, I'm really in love with the Mess Around Ultra Satin lippie. It's a brown-greige color unlike any other lipstick I own. Are N Be is next on my purchase list.

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