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It’s that time!! Time to go back to school and I may not be returning to school but my sister was whisked off to her school yesterday. It’s been quite hectic and I honestly didn’t want to leave her but she loves it. She’s making friends and meeting new people and enjoying her life, that’s all I can ask for is that she’s happy. 

Her move-in was actually interesting because they put her on the fourth flour – a good set of 70 stairs and no elevator. My brother and dad had the joy of bringing up all the big things. I came an hour late with my mom because we had to grab the last minute things that my sister didn’t have. It was overall a good day, my sister was settled in and since she’s an hour away my mom made the trip back last night because she’s a mom and that’s her job to make sure everything’s food in her eyes. This college stuff has definitely brought my sister and I closer, to the point where she’d text me randomly for dorm ideas and what to buy or trips to the mall for make-up and clothes. My sister has always been a soccer star, never caring about anything but soccer so this is a new thing. That’s why I had the idea to put together a small list with advice.

Plastic Containers $6-13 

Big Lots, Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond

These are perfect for packing things. We loaded all my sister’s things into the big container to carry everything and it saved for countless trips of carrying up the little thing. They are fairly cheap and make for perfect under the bed storage as well. All your bedding and decorations can be packed into these bins and definitely make a difference in keeping storage and things stay clean.

Seasonal Clothing

My sister is smarter than me. I brought my entire closet with me when I went to college – I didn’t want my sisters to wear any of my clothes so I brought them all and had a hard time storing them all. Of course, these decisions are also based off the distance from home and transportation. My sister is an hour away, my first year I was 2.5 hours away. Two close distances and I had a car while she chose not to bring her car. She packed end of summer clothes and fall clothing and she has so much more room in her closet.


Target, Barnes & Noble, Kate Spade,, etc.

You need this. There’s no joke about the college load. High school planners were whatever when they issued free ones. I have a sense of pride about the planners I invest in now. I invest in something that I’m going to love and keep up with. A planner is going to keep you on track. It’s your personal journal in some ways – it holds your life at times. Make a note of everything. There’s nothing wrong with going overboard in your planner because at some point, it keeps your head from falling off.

School Supplies

Now, your school supplies depends on what you want to use. I used three and five ring notebooks so I can use them for multiple classes. There wasn’t a need to more than two binders if I had those notebooks and folders. I love writing utensils and the sharpie pens were the best investment. Highlighters and colorful tape are helpful to studying. Paper and a pencil are your choosing then go for it, I’m very organized so I had to have my own structure and set-up.


Don’t forget your laptop or phone. It’s going to be the necessities you need in life. The library is always handy for a computer if you aren’t bringing that laptop. If you like music, bring your iPod or mp3 player, speakers – bring stuff that you enjoy. If you like your movies, don’t forget your television if you are bringing one. These aren’t necessities or the most important things. These don’t define your college experience and you probably won’t have time when you’re out and about running around.


These are a necessity. Don’t forget the soap, deodorant, everything that keeps clean because you don’t want to not be clean. There’s big bottles that are sold and will last for months – Sam’s Club and Costco might be your best bet for these things. Get the bundles and save then you won’t have to run to the store all the time. My freshman year was spent at Sam’s Club every time I went home, I kid you not.

There’s obviously more than what I listed that you are going to bring to college. These are not all the important things that matter to you. Sentimental things are going to be brought and you might need reminders of home if it’s your first year. Decorate like crazy and express yourself. Your dorm room (at least, your side) is your space of expression. Enjoy college!


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