Bumpdate: 35 & 36 Weeks


I’m getting close to the end and it’s weird. Like, I want him to stay in there because when he comes out life is going to be so different. I’m just like wow, I’m almost there. On the other hand, Chase is more ready than me because he already has his days with the baby planned. This is wild. Well, I can say that we did our 3D scans multiple times and baby boy is difficult. For instance, he wouldn’t wake up for either session and made sure we couldn’t see his face. Rude.

How far along?

35 & 36 weeks


There is a name.


At 35 weeks, he was the size of a bunch of carrots. 36 weeks, we had a papaya. I don’t know how big a papaya is but I can’t imagine that it’s big. These must go off of the weight or something because I can’t imagine holding a papaya and that being how big my baby is.

How many months?

Basically 9 months.

Are you showing?

Oh yes, I’m popping.


This guy loves to roll around all the time. He consistently is doing flips in my stomach.

Weight gain?

It’s been the same these last few weeks, thankfully — no changes over here.


Chocolate and Tea.

Maternity clothes?

I’m still squeezing into some of my regular clothes but I’m mainly in maternity clothes.

Stretch marks?

On my thighs still. Cocoa butter is my new best friend.

Belly button: in or out?

Fortunately, it’s in.

The mood this week?

So, I have tons of energy to organize until I start organizing and then I’m tired.


Well, I’ve been able to sleep through the night until I roll onto my back.


Oh man, heartburn is killing me. My feet at huge, too.

What’s left to do?

  • Deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen

Good purchases?

Most importantly, we have our wall decor so that puts me in a happy place. I need to hang it up but I’m trying to figure out the best method to make sure that it’s all straight and not crooked.

We’re almost there — we’re aka Chase and I. Any other moms-to-be out there that are over people referring to your baby as their baby? I’ve had to shake my head a few times with a smile like no, girl, no. This is my little baby and just mine. Also, flu season is coming up and if you want to be around me or my baby, I highly suggest you get the flu shot because I’m in mama bear mode. My baby = my rules, to be honest. 


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