Bumpdate: 33 & 34 Weeks


I’ve been such a slacker when it comes to my bumpdates. I apologize but the third trimester equals a lot of being tired but wanting to get a lot done. We’re in the final weeks of this thing and I just want to have everything done before going into labor. I haven’t felt any different but I don’t want to risk it — I need to have everything done so I can come home and just focus on my baby.

How far along?

33 & 34 weeks


There is a name.


At 33 weeks, he was the size of a cauliflower blossom. 34 weeks, we had a savoy cabbage. The sizes don’t seem to be that different to me but he seems small but not too small.

How many months?

8.5 months.

Are you showing?

I’m popping.


This guy loves to roll around all the time. He consistently is doing flips in my stomach.

Weight gain?

It has slowed down which is great.


All things that are sweet.

Maternity clothes?

Living in my maternity dresses.

Stretch marks?

Rocking them on my thighs.

Belly button: in or out?

It’s in.

The mood this week?

Tired and more tired.


I’ve been able to sleep through the night until I roll onto my back.


Heartburn and swollen feet.

What’s left to do?

  • Hang up the decor
  • Deep cleaning

Good purchases?

I can’t even remember but I know that I have been buying clothes for the most part. I have a few things left on our list — like baby boy’s bookshelf but that is about it.

I have appointments every week now and they don’t last too long. They’re the typical 10-minute appointments. I need to think of questions to ask because I never have any. I’ve started a list and written down things I have seen in the mommy groups that I have joined. 


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