Bumpdate: 31 & 32 Weeks


How far along?

31 & 32 — combining these two since I keep falling behind.


We might have it.


At 31 weeks, he was the size of Asparagus. 32 weeks, we had a squash. Lots of squash in these apps so I’m assuming squash vary in size.

How many months?

So close, 8 months.

Are you showing?

For sure.


Well, he likes to pick and choose when he is going to move. We went to get a 3D/4D ultrasound and he decided to sleep no matter the number of squats and jumping jacks or cold water. He moves when I don’t want to move. But yes, he loves to move.

Weight gain?

Oh man, weight gain is still depressing.


I really want a strawberry smoothie right now.

Maternity clothes?

Still rocking the maternity clothes.

Stretch marks?

Oh, yes. Lucked out with the stomach, so far.

Belly button: in or out?

Still in there.

The mood this week?

I’m tired.


Some nights, I can sleep through the night and other nights, I’m waking up to roll over.


Heartburn is constant and annoying.

What’s left to do?

  • Pack the bags
  • Hang up the decor
  • Clean the house

Good purchases?

Target has their baby stuff on sale so you know we got the baby some cute clothes. It’s nice to go with Chase because he shows me what he likes and doesn’t like.

We’re really reaching the time where the baby is going to come. I feel like I’m rushing even though I have six weeks but I want things done soon so we can relax. I’m excited and nervous. My next doctor’s appointment involves talking about labor and the birth plan. Chase and I did our birth plan last week so we’re a step ahead of my doctor. Last two-week appointment before I have appointments every single week. It’s getting real. 


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