Bumpdate: 29 Weeks


Time for another bumpdate! Still in the third trimester and I’m just all over the place. I keep wondering the size of baby boy because his dad was nine pounds when he was born. That is A LOT. Yes, I’m a bit worried about having a baby that large just because I want him to wear his newborn clothes.

Currently, I’m going to reorganize his dresser. We had washed all of his clothes and needed to put them away but I have been on Pinterest and looking up ways to organize it all. I am all about the organizing if you didn’t know. Things need to be easy to access and in the right spot.

Other than that, I have been running around trying to get my FMLA papers to the right person. It shouldn’t be this complicated but I have had a smooth pregnancy so this would be the one thing that would be complicated. I will get it done, though!

How far along?

29 weeks (last week).


We have two choices. Chase keeps asking him to kick when he likes a name but he misses the kicks.


Baby boy is the size of a summer cantaloupe. That seems small to me but what do I know? The app says that so I’ll go with the app. He should be around 3.5 lbs which is wild because there are still 10 weeks to gain weight.

How many months?

Still seven months.

Are you showing?

I have popped. There is a belly poking out. I feel like my other bumps can’t match this bump.


When I’m sitting still, he loves to move and punch me. I’m definitely feeling the kicks in my bladder and I feel like I’m being beat up. The kicks in the bladder have to be the worst, so far. It’s cool so see his feet or hands push up on my stomach, though. I’m obsessed with watching when it happens. It’ll be weird to have him come out and not continuously punch and kick since he will be sleeping.

Weight gain?

My weight has been steady. Good for me but I’m like is my baby getting chunky still?


I have a thing for ice. I think it’s because I get super hot at work and need something to cool me down. I’ve been eating crushed ice because that’s what we get at work. We’re pretty fancy around here. Other than that, my diet has been pretty clean and healthy. I have chocolates on my desk that I only indulge in at the end of the day.

Maternity clothes?

I just ordered a ton from Boohoo and I’m waiting on the order to arrive. I gave into Target and their maternity jeans which feel great and they stretch. I’m liking all the space my maternity clothes provide.

Stretch marks?

Just the thighs which I need to apply some Palmers to so I can defeat them.

Belly button: in or out?

It’s staying in.

The mood this week?

Burst of energy and burst of tiredness. There is no balance. Cranky when I’m awaken before I am ready.


I can sleep through a lot of things right now but if Chase pushes a pillow under me, I’m up with the quickness.


Braxton Hicks and Heartburn are persisting. The Braxton Hicks are confusing — I reached out to my doctor about this because I was like are these real or fake at this point? Totally fake and uncomfortable.

What’s left to do?

Still need to find a pediatrician. I need to do post-partum things, as well. And, I need to pack my bag and make sure my FMLA papers make it to the correct people. (So many issues with trying to get the FMLA papers to the right person, sigh) I need to order my breast pump through my insurance. I’m trying to decide if I want the Medela or Spectra.

Good purchases?

I can’t say that we bought anything this past week. I need to purchase drawer organizers so that is on my list. Oh, I did get maternity clothes so that was a great purchase because I need to be more comfortable at work. Chase is ordering his diaper bag

10 weeks left! If you want to take a look back at some of the things that I have written about little man, check out my Motherhood tab: here. There isn’t too much but it will be filled up soon, I guarantee. 


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