Brunching with Ethyl and Tank

To be honest with you, I never went to brunch until this year and it makes no sense. I would get up at brunch hours – when breakfast was practically over and it was time for lunch. So why not celebrate with brunch? I love brunch. It was the fantasy of brunch that encouraged me to try it. I remember growing up and after church (when we would make it out of the house to get there) or after my dad took us to the gym, we would go to Golden Corral where it was split between breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Mindblown. I was mindblown, for sure. Eggs, bacon, and chicken fingers all in one sitting, it was definitely the life back then. So why was I punishing myself now and not taking advantage of all the place in Columbus that offer brunch? Maybe it was because I like to be lazy on the weekend. I would see my friends the night before if we went out and no one really wants to get out of bed when they got into it at two in the morning. 

How did I start brunching?! My grandparents bought champagne for my graduation and we couldn’t drink it because I was about to drive back to my apartment so I came over the next morning and we had mimosas. Best day of my life. I can proudly say I would rock any shirt that had something about mimosas on it. I ended up taking that bottle home and making my own mimosas the next few days that I could prop my feet up and chill. Now, I’m on a hunt for whatever place serves brunch + mimosas because you can’t brunch without the OJ & Champagne. 

I’ve heard so much about Ethyl & Tank. I’ve seen how packed it was at nights and how people filtered in and out of the crowd. I never thought of going inside though. My friends would snapchat pictures of their drinks and I would just sit there like, wow no invite?! I had never been to this place and I wanted to go so bad. Thankfully, one of my best friends from college came to visit for the weekend – she got an adult job in northern Ohio so no constant visits anymore. We had been planning on brunching for weeks and we would completely forget to follow through. This time, I wasn’t missing out. She had raved about Ethyl and their mimosas. You can’t talk about a good mimosas to me and not expect me to follow through. Saturday morning we were there and I was excited.


The atmosphere of Ethyl & Tank was chill, I was also there in the morning so I don’t know the evening crowd. The set-up was really cool. I’m a huge interior design fan so I admire places that have great design. It was rustic, there’s an arcade which isn’t something that’s flourishing all over Ohio State’s campus. The arcade is definitely a creative move and I like it. There was a self serve Bloody Mary bar, I thought that was creative. I’ve never had a Bloody Mary but that bar tempted me. 


The menu confused me for a moment because I’m a pancakes kind of girl but I wanted the sides as well and I couldn’t figure out how to put it all together. It was a creative menu and I decide to try something new. It doesn’t hurt to be different, right? Nonetheless, I went with the Chicken & Waffles with Home Fries. Home Fries might be my favorite creation ever and these were definitely hitting all the right taste buds. I’ve never had chicken and waffles, that was my first time and it was pretty good. They included cheese and sandwiched the chicken so it was like a grilled cheese sandwich plus chicken – delish!


The mimosas. We all know this is the only reason I go to brunch. Mimosas and home fries + friends. They were A++. I can definitely see why people brunch at Ethyl and Tank. I’m sure the other drinks are just as good but when you’re accustomed to greatness, you just can’t let it go. Plus this is one of the first places that serve me my mimosas in a wine glass and I loved it. I felt fancy compared to other places that just pour it in a cup. I felt like I was being treated great. My waitress was awesome as well and she explained everything to my scattered mind.


I’m glad the wait is over. I’m glad I went. Ethyl and Tank is just as great as people rave it up to be. The home fries are something that cannot be missed out on. I’m craving some now as I write this… ironically, I should be eating breakfast. This was just one visit but I have heard great things about their biscuits & gravy so we know what my next meal choice just might be. 

Go to Ethyl and Tank. It’s yummy and affordable if you’re in the Columbus area. Definitely more affordable than some other places that I have been for brunch. Enjoy this. Any suggestions for those in Columbus on other places? OR suggestions on what to try next at Ethyl and Tank? How do Bloody Marys taste? I have a want to try one but I’m afraid I’ll hate it. 


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