H E L L O B R I T T N E E 

Welcome to my world and the adventures of my life. Hello Brittnee is a source for ideas and inspiration from style and beauty to life and travel. I hope I encourage women(and men) with the pieces I write and build a community of people that can talk and agree/disagree on many things in life.

In February 2016, I launched Hello Brittnee and it’s been a ride since that day. I started off just sharing with friends and family but I realized that I can share with anyone and I love other people’s perspectives. Enjoy!

B R I T T N E E 

I’m a twenty-four(and a half) year old life + style blogger in Columbus, Ohio. Sometimes I go by Britt or Bee/B. I hate defining myself as what type of  blogger I am because I want to talk about any and everything. That’s just me. I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University — we won the National Championship in 2014-2015 and I won’t let anyone forget that. I’m obsessed with my school. I’ve learned a lot since graduating. I currently have a nine to five followed by blogging time. I work in marketing — social media marketing which is pretty bomb.

A few of my favorite things are Netflix, UGG slippers, fuzzy socks, and cookies. Sometimes my family because they’re pretty hilarious and it’s a good trip every time. I love buying fresh flowers and decorating my apartment even though I’m constantly moving after every lease. I have a ten-month-old Pitbull mix and his name is Rocko.

Why did I start blogging? It started out as an outlet but I realized I was passionate about it. It has provided me with insight and learnings — from HTML to graphic design. I have learned a lot from this passion and I enjoy it. I enjoy pushing my thoughts out there because someone might just be feeling the same way as me. It’s a great way to meet people as well and I’m all for new friends. This is my platform, my brand to talk about home + styling or beauty + lookbooks or anything really that comes to mind. I don’t want to be defined by one topic so I’ll say it’s about life because life is everything.

This blog isn’t my full-time job but I treat it like it. I love it and I put my all into it to provide information. I’m only getting better is what I’m telling myself and I hope you stick with me on the journey.

Q U E S T I O N S 

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xx Brittnee