Being Healthy & Busy

Being fit is a commitment. You literally have to commit to yourself to get things done and I can say my commitment is lacking. I’m not going to go over about how everyone should do this and that like my way is the right way – it’s not, I’m not certified and even if I was, everyone is different. Nada, my main focus is incorporating being fit in my lifestyle. It’s being bundled into that work + life balance that everyone talks so much about. How do we fit working out into our daily lives when all we want to do is take a nap after work  or sleep in that extra hour?

If you have the answers – please share! Right now, I have a gym membership and it’s a nice gym but I dread the trip to the gym. I dread driving ten minutes down the street when I could easily just relax in my bed. Waking up before work is always hard because I’m in a relationship with sleep, I truly am. At first, I could wake up early but then I got locked out of my apartment one morning when the lock jammed and left me late for work. There were times when I was like if I go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that I was good and that I could have the next three days off. It didn’t work. Sometimes I try to excuse myself from the gym with “I’m busy…” but I’m really not. It’s a motivation problem that is cured when I see pictures of Katya Elise Henry, Brittany Renner, or other Instagram Fitness pages. Maybe I should print these pictures up and hang them on my closet wall. It was easier when I was in college just because I had a friend to motivate me and go with me to the gym. 

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy in some way but finding the time is hard; from working long hours to having to tend to children, pets, significant others, school, or work after work, there are so many things on people’s plates that make it hard to keep up. A gym is an option right now, not a priority but it can become a priority. Being active is great for your mind, body, and soul – make those three things a priority and the gym becomes a priority. Motivate yourself to get out of the house and into the gym with some sort of saying or slogan. Yesterday, I motivated myself by putting on the new Adidas pictured above and I was on my way. Life is hard, being an adult is hard, making time for everything is hard but you find a way. There’s always a way to do things that we really want to do. 

Here are five things I’m trying to commit to that might just be helpful on your journey.

Stay consistent, schedule your workouts.

You have to make working out a habit, this is what I tell myself all the time and I was good at it once upon a time. You don’t have to do the same workout every single day but make sure that you are consistent with your visits whether it’s three times a week or four times a week, in the morning before work or in the evening after work, make a schedule that you can follow and that works with your schedule. To make things easier on ya, why not schedule your workouts? Use your weekly or monthly planner and make a note of what days you want to workout and what part of the body you want to give the burn to – throw in some motivational quotes and pictures for that day to get you pumped and ready to go.  If you can’t make it to the gym, there are tons of apps that will let you workout at home and many workout videos on Youtube specified for home workouts. Nike Training App is a great one if you need to feel the burn and want to get your life handed to you. If you have it scheduled, you can prep either the night before or throughout the day. 

Drink tons of water, flush out the toxins. 

If there’s one thing that you should commit to every day, it’s that you should drink A LOT of water every day. Your body needs the hydration. Not only do you need the water intake, you need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. If you want to mix it up, add fruit to your water for flavor – I’m not a fan but I have seen some cool infused waters throughout the Pinterest spectrum. Many offices and buildings have water fountains or water machines that will let you fill up a cup or refill your bottle, take advantage of that. I know that I have to remind myself throughout the day to finish my water bottle but I finish it. Sure, you’ll be taking some frequent trips to the bathroom but that’s good – flush out those toxins. Hydrate and slay. 

Eat healthily, your body will thank you. 

Not all of us can make it to the gym or workout on certain days but we can eat a certain way. 70% of your abs are made in the kitchen or something like that! Just know that 70% diet, 30% workout is what will help you with your body goals. Meal prepping is a big deal and can really helpful if you’re a busy bee. I’m not a big fan of meal prepping just because I like to mix up my meals and not repeat things but I do prep my lunches for work and I think it’s very helpful. Lots and lots of chicken and rice in my diet, I have tried to switch it up by making burgers and pork chops with veggies. Also, stuffed bell peppers are where it’s at. Load up on veggies and fruit – remember the natural sugar content in fruit as well! What you put in your body affects your body, that’s what I remind myself. I try not to go overboard on salt because of my family history of high blood pressure and sometimes, I like to think I’m in a stressful working environment but I’m really not – it feels adult-y though. 

But don’t deprive yourself, enjoy that cookie. 

Don’t ever deprive yourself or tell yourself you don’t deserve a treat or something sweet. I see deprivation destroy a person because they think a cookie is going to ruin everything while limiting their calories and then stuffing themselves with slices of pizza all in the same day. That’s not okay. Eat whatever you want. Eating clean is fun and dandy but you shouldn’t feel like you can’t have a cookie or donut. You can have whatever you want, it’s your body. If someone told me no more cookies, I’d walk away. Forget that, I’m having my cookies and cupcakes and I’m eating them, too! Do not tell yourself you can’t have a sweet because you think it might factor into changing your body overnight… Uh no, it’s not going to make you blow up overnight. Eat your cookie and mind your business, you’ll be happy. 

Make your workout playlist motivational.

I jam out at the gym, I truly do and you can too. Beyonce, ftw. Your playlist can affect your mood. Just remember all the great songs you can listen to while you workout  and use that as your motivation to get to the gym. Upbeat songs and things you can bounce around to will help you keep up your pace. It factors into my motivation especially Beyonce’s current CD because she’s giving herself praise and pointing out why her man is slipping – goals. To feel that way about yourself like Beyonce does in ‘Don’t Play Yourself’ is goals. Add some tunes that are going to keep you going and inspire you. Rihanna can be added to that playlist because who doesn’t want to workout to ‘Work’? Literally, pack your playlist with fifteen to twenty songs and work out the length of that playlist then call it a day. Good music = good mood.

I’m not a nutritionist or trainer, I wish I had paid more attention in my Science Nutrition classes because I’m intrigued by it. Being fit while being busy is hard but you have to find ways. I wouldn’t necessarily give being fit the ideal instead be healthy. Do healthy things that will keep you healthy and happy. If it’s working out, do it and commit to keeping that happiness in your life. If it’s eating better, go you. Just figure out the what and how so you can be on your way to succeeding. I’ll keep updates with my own journey – fingers crossed that I stay committed. What are your tips for being healthy while busy?


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