Beauty | Finally Went to Lush!

If you know me, you’d know that I’m totally into anything that smells good and will make me feel great. Enter Lush. Now, I’ve never been to Lush simply because my old roommate was allergic to all scents aka kill me because I love candles and perfume. I know it’s more than scents in there now. I absolutely know this and I regret not getting bath bombs sooner. My trip to this place happened because my eighteen year old, tomboy sister wanted me to help her find foundation. She’s rushing when she gets to Ohio University and I was down for it – I love make-up and seeing what I might need to invest in one day. Anyways, I took both little sisters because hey, I love them and we wandered the mall after going to MAC and getting what we needed. 

Lush. The place I spotted last week on my mall trip and completely ignored was calling my name. My youngest sister who is fifteen took the plunge and asked for help on hair products and they complied. The staff was honestly the nicest staff I have ever dealt with. I was just sitting there like, “Wow they really care about what we want” and I went for the bath and skin line with assistance. I tried the Mask of Magnaminty on the back of my hand and oh my, it felt great so I had to get it. The two bath bombs are Fizzbanger Ballistic and Avobath and their scents drive me wild. I love them. Literally love them. I used the Avobath tonight and felt like I was in this minty beautiful land and my skin felt so good as I flourished in it. The mask was also used tonight and my skin feels great. It pulled out some pre-period impurities so we’ll see how this goes for the time being. 

Overall, I love Lush and I hope it loves me back!


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