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As I contemplate the move to WordPress, I can’t help but
forget to blog. It’s a lot of thinking and deciding going into this so I’ve
been quite stumped. Of course, I let my mind flourish with the Harry Potter
series these past few days and if you know me, you know it’s my favorite. The
things I’ve missed each time that I’ve watched these movies, there’s always
something new to notice. You wouldn’t believe how much inspiration I get from
such great movies. Everything about the scenery in Harry Potter reminds me of
fall and I knew I had to get on my fall posts before winter showed up.

Now, I’m a lipstick addict. I used to go to MAC twice a
month to pick up a new lipstick that I would enjoy. And with my hair changes, I
had to go through different colors that would look right. Luckily, my dark hair
does with everything and I love it.  With
Fall, I’m a fan of neutrals when it comes to clothes and toning it down.  Give me army/olive green, pumpkin orange,
taupe, or black and I’m a happy girl. I’m divulging into plaids and denim tops
as well – a haul will be posted when I get it all together. Focus on these lipsticks though. Desire, Russian Red, Dark
Side, Honey Love, and Media – and yes, three of them look the same. They are
listed in the order that they are presented in the picture. All are different
formulas when it comes to these lipsticks. They’re all perfect for my autumn

Desire is a lustre lipstick; it has a semi-gloss finish so
it’s not sticky on my lips when I rub them together. It’s also easy to take
away some of the shine with translucent powder. It’s also long lasting and a
vivid color. Russian Red is a matte lipstick and my go-to. With school colors
that are Scarlet and Gray, I’m constantly pairing my home gear with this
lipstick. It’s lasts for quite an it, I can get through an entire tailgate and
first half of the college football game before having to re-apply. It’s that
red lip I forever will love. Never drives out my lips and offers full coverage,
I love it.

Dark Side is an amplified lipstick. It holds a crème finish
and I love how it makes my lips feel. They’re like matte lipsticks but less
drying out for the lips. I love that it’s highly pigmented and looks great with
my olive skin and dark hair. I’m always afraid of looking washed out but with
this color, I never have issue. Honey Love is one of two nude colors that I
have. It looks great on me. It’s a matte lipstick, which is possibly my favorite
formula of lipsticks. Honey Love is that perfect nude in my opinion.  I’ve always been afraid of light colors,
which is quite wild because they’re soft and look light. This is the first of
many light lipsticks that I will be using.

Lastly, Media. This was a lipstick with so much hype. It’s a
satin and holds a semi-matte finish. This is a bold color. Out of them all, it’s
that daring color and I love it. It goes on nice and even, I don’t have to dab
at my lip a lot like I do with matte lipsticks. I haven’t used it much since I
got it in the winter but I will be overly using it this fall.

Hopefully, these colors set you off to your nearest MAC
store or supplier. I know I can’t wait to go stock up on more colors but until
then, these lovely beauties are going to keep me company and sane.


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