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Now, I’m a curly girl – a very curly girl. My hair is easily the side of my head and it has been such a trial and tribulation as I learned about it. I learned how to style it and wear it correctly but not before I went through different stages. As a kid, I always had my hair tied up or in braids – something that was manageable for someone who had four kids and full-time jobs. My parents tried, my mom used to fill my head with pretties and my dad gave me slanted buns. It was a show really. There were other times when I rocked my curls and my nana decided to do my hair which just led to her putting a bow in the center of my curly hair. It’s been a lesson learned over the years. I eventually was convinced that relaxers were the answer to my problems when I turned eleven and got tired of all the people calling me puff puff . 

Relaxers weren’t the answer because I no longer had this luscious, curly hair that I’d grown up with. That I had chopped and tormented all those years. I don’t think I understood my hair until I was about to graduate high school. I’d see other girls with their curls and envy them – why didn’t mine do that? Well, because it was relaxed aka chemically processed. This was a step I had to take, I had to walk away from the relaxers and learn to handle my hair. It was different at first – my hair would poof when I straightened it and the I felt weird. I wasn’t sure how to embrace this sudden thick and natural hair. I’m a product junkie, I’ve tried everything and I think I have gotten to the point where I can control and show off my hair.

DevaCurl | This is the newest product that I have ventured into. It’s something that I always wanted to try and I know it was overly expensive when I was still in school, working twelve hours a week – it was a luxury I couldn’t but wanted to afford. It’s not that expensive when you invest in the huge bottles that are around 32 oz. Especially when you have tons of curls and they gather it up so quickly. I’d give the No-Poo and Conditioner a 10 out of 10. It cleanses and smells so minty.

Shea Moisture | I’m a fan of the moisturizer from this line. I’ve used both the gel and shampoo as well but they aren’t my favorite. The moisturizer reminds me of cupcakes and the smell is just so good. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? The gel that I invested in leaves my hands sticky and it’s either an off or on night for these – sometimes the curls stay, sometimes they don’t. The shampoo makes my hair super thick which is cool but I like to have some length to my curls and it gives me more shrinkage? I don’t know, I need to try the other products in this line but the moisturizer is definitely my favorite.

Mixed Chicks | I invested in the leave-in conditioner and it’s pretty great. It moistures my curls and I always use it. There’s not a strong smell to it for those that are allergic to scents. It’s lasted me such a long time – I’m still on my first bottle and I bought it about a year and a half ago. I use it sparingly, of course – I have so many different products so I mix around at times. I definitely will invest in more things from this line. I enjoy Mixed Chicks and there’s nothing but positive reviews about this line.

Curls | These are some products I just recently tried. I have to say the moisturizer/curl refresher is one of my favorites. I barely used the shampoo & conditioner because of my Devacurl. I will invest some time into it though because I recently used up all my Devacurl. The curly jelly is also pretty great – I enjoy it. It keeps my curls shape and form, never makes them look scrunchy or sticky. I like these products and I will probably reinvest since I only bought the travel pack.

Overall, the life of a curly girl means trying dozens of products and finding out what works. It’s a struggle from time to time but I love my curls. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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