Back to School. Back to Adventures for you.

As the impeding thought of school is stuck on people’s brains, I can’t help but accept that I’m not going back to school. I graduated. I’m done… for now. I’m working and it’s literally a 24/7 type of job because of the work and passion I put into what I want to do. It’s crazy how much I apply myself to my job – a job that I never would have had if I hadn’t accepted that I was going down the wrong course and field, a job that fulfills my passions and makes me happy. That’s why I want to remind everyone as they go back to school, take on any opportunity that is presented to you. Find time to do things that you love and make sure you have a fire in your heart for what you’re going to do. You’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life, don’t let it be something that you wind up hating yourself for. That’s not the way to live. 

My once piece of advice I think everyone should hear is that college is four years of opportunities and time to find yourself. It’s the time that you figure out who you are and break away from the image that high school might have placed on you. It’s time where you can finally pursue what you like. The courses are designed for what you want to do in life and there’s a multitude of classes that can peak your interests. Don’t ever be afraid to try something new in college. College is a place for all new things to happen, it’s a place where you get to grow up. This is all a process honestly. You go off on your own and you have to choose something that you’re going to do for the rest of your life, remember that the rest of your life is in your hands but at the same time, it’s not. At any point, you can change your major or track – there’s grad school where a simple bachelors degree can lead to anything as long as you cover the pre-requisites.


Just be happy. Honestly, my freshman year was a train wreck but it was a period where I found courage and hope. I learned more about myself and my emotions that year. I lost my aunt who I was close to, my boyfriend of two years (now ex), and a few friends – everything lost was replaced by something better… not my aunt, of course. I started praying every day when I was in my darkest place and that changed me. I know there’s many people with different beliefs so I would never push that on a person. That’s just what worked for me. I didn’t enjoy my sophomore and junior year, I cried and cried as a pre-medicine aspiration, majoring in biology. I cried about every exam I failed and every problem I didn’t understand. I cried about the constant work load and how there was still going to be many years left. I wasn’t happy. I went to tutoring and I worked. I never went out and had fun, I didn’t take the chances I was presented. I regret it. I never regret anything but I did. I went out of junior year, changing my major from Nursing to Psychology/Sociology before settling on Communications.

When I changed my major, I started to relax. I experienced college. I went out and did the things I should have done my freshman and sophomore year. I learned about things that I liked and I got passing grades on my exams – something that made my heart race because it had been so long since I’d seen an A. My mistake going into college wasn’t taking the opportunities and setting a plan, a plan that challenged my intelligence and made me feel stupid. It’s alright to realize that something isn’t for you. People can be disappointed but only you can determine your future. Never let someone else’s interest determine what you are going to do. That what’s I did and I regret it. Don’t regret college and the way you spend it. I promise it should be the best four years and I would redo it in a heartbeat.

Go to school and be accepting of the changes that are going to be presented to you. Be accepting of different opinions and how people are going to to challenge what you think. You’re going to meet so many people and you shouldn’t hold yourself back from them. For real, just be happy. Make your own smart decisions. Make friends and stay in groups at night. Be safe and put in the effort to care about yourself. Have a great year and remember, every day is a new day and you can easily get on track. Don’t let the negatives hold you back!


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