Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Quickly sharing this outfit because I love it. I probably need a longer sweater dress but nonetheless, I love this outfit. Thigh highs are in, people. I bought mine about six months ago and this is the first time that I’m wearing them. I don’t know why because they’re pure magic. Thigh high boots have been in forever so please dismiss my acknowledgment of them. 

I don’t know what it is about these boots. They make me feel confident and sophisticated at the same time. I love them. I have to rave about how much I love them! Because I do, I swear I do. 

It’s not as cold as the gray sky is showing. It was actually pretty warm with the jacket and scarf on — there’s a sweater dress on underneath so there was no way that I was freezing. Completely different from today where there’s snow on the ground and people are driving either way too slow or way too fast. That’s Ohio for you. This was a good weather day, no snow or rain or wind in sight. It was just cool and gray but you could still rock a dress without tights. I spent the day at my parents’ house with my siblings and my youngest sister(Kearsten) was kind enough to shoot my pictures and provide artistic direction — she’s sixteen going on twenty-five. I was lucky enough to steal some of her time since’s a busy bee these days. 

The dress is not as short as it appears, I repeat it is not as short as it appears. It goes to the top of the boots but I wanted to show those off so I might have pulled the dress up a little. It’s actually a really comfy sweater dress and it doesn’t snag at all. It’s oversized and you could snuggle up in it. It was one of my Christmas presents last year and I’m not sure if Forever 21 still has them in stock but you never know with them. The peacoat is from Forever 21, too. I get tons of questions on it. It’s lined and everything, not some basic coat that doesn’t provide any warmth. The boots are from UrbanOG and I bought them for $25 so trust me when I say they have some of the best deals on shoes. 

In other news, Christmas is so close and I have yet to get my dad a Christmas present. What do you get a man that has everything and wants nothing? I’ll be snuggling up tonight with a cup of tea, Christmas movie, and SkyScanner to see how cheap flights will be around NYE. Also, the Buckeyes are going to the Fiesta Bowl(I went last year and not going to go this year, unfortunately). Go Bucks!


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