B1G Championship

 This past weekend, my lovely school offered a bus to the students to go to the B1G Championship game in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was an amazing offer that I couldn’t pass up and it was a break from my finals. I love my Buckeyes, I’m a diehard fan and I may critique their performance from time to time but I’ll always stand by this team. 

We had some obstacles this game and it was whatever, win some and lose some. I think the fact that this group of boys is 24-1 in the past two years is amazing. No other school can say that and they got to go to bowl games last year. They had an advantage over us and they didn’t excel us. I can’t wait for people to appreciate the Big Ten Conference again. I hope Michigan State shows up Stanford and the rest of our conference that gets bowl games proves that the PAC 12 & SEC aren’t the only good divisions. 

I can’t wait for the Orange Bowl, it’s not the National Championship but it’s a Bowl Game. We play my cousin’s school which is Clemson – I hope she goes to we can meet up. Once again, so proud of these boys and everything they’ve accomplished. We can only rise from this and we will. The B1G Championship will see us again because it’s THE Ohio State and we take the regular season by storm.


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