9 Holiday Outfits to Dazzle In

If you’re like me, everything is last minute this year. Technically, I’ve been in planning mode since November but I haven’t executed any of my plans. Starting a new job and getting the hang of it is definitely a challenge. There’s certain ideals and values that I’m still tiptoeing around because I need to get a feel comfortability before launching into B space. Anyways, I think the past three weeks of December have literally flown by. Why is Christmas in four days?! My plans that I had worked out took a different turn since I had to rush to get everything done. As organized as I am when I don’t plan out what I’m going to buy, it’s like my head is going to burst. I literally had a mini meltdown on Thursday after going from two Targets and not finding the items I had thought I would. It was literally a series of Are you Serious? then Angry followed by Defeat which is honestly a terrible feeling. I just wanted to give up. My final point: Exhausted. I cradled my head and just stood over my cart as I contemplated whether or not to just settle with socks for the complicated.

What I didn’t plan late on? Fashion, holiday outfits. I put it out late but I planned it so it counts, ya dig? Now, I’m going for the Holiday Outfits that you can rock at family, friends, or work parties – more so casual but fun. I’m pausing on the sequins until New Year’s Eve. Want to know the best part? Every dress is either $20 or $15!! How much of a steal is that? I always indulge in these sales when the holidays come around. Charlotte Russe is honestly the best place to shop around the holidays. There’s $15 sweaters and everything in the store just seems to be on sale. 

Let’s talk about these pretty babies – I’m going to go by the colors because I totally believe that there are certain colors that embody the Holidays.

Scarlet/Red – These two dresses are perfect for a family gathering. The flare of both dresses is beautiful and they each have different features that help you fall in love. The lace dress is alluring – lace is one of those materials that represent classy and elegance to me. I love it. I would rock the lace dress to my grandma’s holiday party and smooze up my family members as I bop around. The flare dress is ageless. I really find that dresses like this make me feel like a princess. I like to spin as well so there’s that. The perfect shoes? Booties for the flare and open toe for the lace. Nude heels would go well as the color. 

Green – I love green. I love the green pieces that I found on Charlotte Russe’s website. One, the romper. It’s not too cold for a romper if it’s not too cold for a dress. Tights are the best thing ever with everything. I’ve seen shorts with tights so you can totally rock tights with rompers. Can you see how beautiful this romper is? The flare of the sleeves and neckline is enchanting. I feel like this is somewhat like the scarlet dress. I would wear this to a Christmas party with my family followed by hitting up the bars with friends. Two, this lace dress is different than the scarlet one. The neckline is entirely different and it just screams gorgeous and professional to me. Let me be real, if I was engaged… I’d rock this in a photoshoot, no lie. Everything about this just screams Princess Kate. I would wear it with open toe heels or pumps and prance around to show off the lace. 

Blue/White – I’m a fan of simple and these two dresses are my favorites. It’s so simple and you can accessorize it in so many ways. I don’t know why I like simple and modern things but they make life just a bit more fun. How so? You get the chance to make it complicated in a way. This dress would be perfect with a fur vest and booties or even knee/thigh high boots. You can work this out in so many ways.

Beige/Taupe – These last three dresses are all different in their own ways. The sweater dress is warm and soft, perfect for that comfort and casual look. It’s cozy and laidback for those gatherings with friends where you are just chilling and catching up. I love that it’s striped because I feel like it’s not bland. The turtleneck dress is playful to me. I know people hate turtlenecks but this one is sleeveless and like a sweater with it’s material. I would wear this to a fancy gathering, paired with some booties and bangles. I love this color as well because I have dark hair and I feel like it would pop with this dress. The last dress is beige and black, more on the elegant side. There’s the black lace overtop that makes it easy to pair black shoes with. This would also be a choice if I was going to a school holiday party. I love it. 

If you’re still out shopping, hit up Charlotte Russe because that’s what I did on Friday. I tried on dozens of outfits but these choices are things that would work on me without me having to try them on. I’m in no way affiliated with Charlotte Russe – just great prices. I’m excited for the Holiday season and all that it brings. I hope you are as well! What’s your Holiday party plans and outfits?!


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