7 Gift Ideas for Your Girls

I’m surrounded by women — always have been whether it’s my family where I have two sisters and one brother, family gatherings because there’s a lot of women on both sides of my family, or my friends so I feel like I’m kinda like an expert on lady gifts. Obviously, this gift guide might reflect a few things I want because let’s be real, who doesn’t want fuzzy socks or body scrubs? I kept it pretty basic if you ask me. It’s totally the basic girl guide with the Hunter boots and blanket scarf but they’re cute and a trend I don’t see dying out anytime soon. Plus I wanted to fluctuate with the prices because not all of us are ballin — including myself. 

When it comes to Christmas, we want to adhere to what that person wants but what if they don’t know what they want? There are people out there that don’t know what to ask for (me, sorry everyone!!) so you have to think about it and try to figure out what would appeal to that person. I send out yearly emails to get ideas of things my family and close friends like and if they respond, I have some type of idea. I know what it’s like to shop without knowing what to get a person, though — it can be hard. Obviously, you know this person but sometimes you have to wonder if your gift is too much or reaching a bit. That’s why I threw together this basic gift guide — why is it basic? It covers all grounds. From soaps and smelly goodness to clothes and beauty. I really wanted to touch base with all of these things because people are different. You need to know the basics before you break it down. 

Beat the cold

I like the thought of giving ideal gifts — the cold is going to affect that lady in your life and you should make sure she’s warm out there. We don’t want anyone catching any colds. If you’re lucky enough, you can catch Hunter Boots on sale. It just depends on color and gloss or no gloss. Trust me, I’m a Hunter Bunts watcher and I like sales. Check out Nordstrom Rack. Blanket scarves and scarves, in general, are always a great gift. I have gifted every female in my life with a scarf. I’ve also gifted fuzzy socks because who doesn’t like comfy socks?! I understand some people might not like socks but give these babies a go. Plus they’re cute and obviously shout chill night. And we can’t forget the cute thermal mug — I have tons of these and I can say I appreciate it because you need multiples if you want to bring coffee or tea to work every day. 

Hunter Women’s Original Tall


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