6 Things You Should Do for Your ‘Me’ Day

Take that mental health day. There’s a stigma that you always have to be strong and that crying is weak and it’s a lie. Being vulnerable is okay. You don’t have to tell people not to worry about you because they’re going to worry if they care. 

Your mental health is important. You need to breathe and step away from things. 

Right now, post-election is the perfect time to take a breather. There’s so much hate in the world and it can make you feel like your chest is being stepped on. I also would like to point out that this is my blog and I will share what I feel and think on here before anyone tries to say it’s bad for my business or brand. It’s not bad when there are people that align with my thinking process, thank you. 

The other day at work, November 9th, I had a panic-induced attack when I saw “friends” post their support for a campaign I did not support. I understand aligning with the party that markets your value, I understand being a republican, I don’t understand hate and I don’t understand the support for a wall plus telling people a female candidate kills babies when she is not in charge of a woman’s body, that woman is. To say the least, I was upset and I felt disrespected because I grew up with these people, I knew these people and I saw their hate unfold but I won’t let them fear me. I heard about people telling children to go back to the country they came for and that they were going to be deported so yes, a mental health day is needed. 

I feel like women need a mental health day. We were disrespected.

But that’s not the point of this message. The point is that you might need a break and you should take it. You should protect yourself and let yourself know that not everyone is bad. There are bad people but there are good people. You are allowed to feel the way you feel and no one can tell you it’s not valid. 

Power off social

Social media is a tricky thing. We love it and we hate it. People spew their mean thoughts and attack people on a daily. Step away. The amount of gross things that I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook don’t surprise me. It doesn’t surprise me that people will spew their hate but stay silent in your face. Just shut it down. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Think of all the positive people there are in the world and the fact you could connect with them outside of technology. Go outside and smile at someone because that just might be what they need. 

Watch Netflix all day

IS there anything a good movie and bed can’t solve? It solves everything. Don’t object and tell me different. Bring some popcorn and chocolate and you’re basically at the movies. Netflix is a wonderous place, I will tell you that filled with many different shows and movies. There are even documentaries if you want to try something different. I have a few suggestions if you do want a documentary or movie to watch so feel free to ask this Netflix addict. 

Make a Mental Health Playlist

Sometimes you just have to put some feel good music together and just chill. Make a playlist that reflects how good you want to feel and blast on your me day. I know my mental health playlist would have some Beyonce and Rihanna with a little bit of Little Mix. Throw in some Justin Timberlake, too because his voice is a feel good voice. Just buckle down one day and put together a playlist of all your favorite songs, it’ll cheer you up and get you moving. You could always sing with them too, I know I like to act like I’m performing when I get to singing. Beyonce 2.0 minus the tiring dancing because a girl has been lacking in cardio. 

Treat yourself

Yas, girl, yas. This is the best day if you treat yourself. I’m saying go all out on the spa day or mini spa day. Light up some candles and take the best Epsom salt or Lush bath bomb bath of your life. It’s your day to do as you please and if you want to eat all the chocolate in the world to distract you from what’s going on, do it. If you want to treat yourself to some sleep, do it. You can do what you feel is necessary but make sure you are making yourself happy and comfortable. 

Do something that makes you calm

Yoga. Breathing. Pilates. Exercise. The list can go on. I know for me, I talk to my friends and people that will understand what I’m thinking or going through. If you have to take a lap around the school to feel the panic go away, do it. You need to concentrate on something that is going to keep your mind clear. Find a hobby or a class that’ll help you focus on what’s in front of you rather than the entire world. Just invest in something that will calm you down and make you feel at peace for that moment. 

Reflect on the good

Always remember there are good people out there. Severus Snape seemed like a terrible person but he was truly good and he always will live on in our hearts. There are good people out there and they need you to remind them that you are good as well. For myself, I’m lucky enough to have such great friends and people I know that are working in the community to make it better. I remind myself what good I can do. Reflect on that, remember that we can speak things into existence and we can push the goodness out. Don’t let someone’s hate pop your bubble because love can overcome that hate. Hate never wins in the end. Remember the good and focus on the good. 

Right now, it might seem like the world is toppling down on you but you can control the path you’ll go down on. Take care of yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that your feelings are not valid. You can be upset and feel defeated but know that you are a piece of the battle and you can get through whatever is going on. 

Take a day for yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself some fresh air and know that people are thinking about you. Don’t be ashamed if you suffer from something because everyone has something they aren’t going to admit. I can admit and share with you. I can tell you that my anxiety might be through the roof but I’m going to concentrate on my health. I’m going to take my time and make sure I get the love I deserve from myself. 



  1. November 12, 2016 / 3:00 am

    I definitely agree that everyone needs a "me" day! I try to start my day with a calming bath or shower with essential oils, some warm tea and good tunes. It's so relaxing and helps me to refocus!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

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