6 Things to Do In November

Can anyone believe that it is November? It baffles me. Truly
baffles me that this year has literally flown by. I can’t believe it’s been six
months since I graduated. It’s been eleven months since The Ohio State
University took home the National Championship in Football followed by
Wrestling, Rowing, Pistol, and Synchronized Swimming. Seven months since I
turned twenty-three and accepted the fact that I’m a full-fledge adult now.
Time has flown. I am wowed, honestly. It’s literally time to plan Thanksgiving,
finish off the regular College Football season, make Christmas shopping lists,
etc. I feel like that last half of the year is so busy. There’s so much going
on for everyone and it’s hard to keep up. 

This past weekend, my friends that I graduated with came back in
town for different events. It honestly made me miss college and them so much.
This weekend also gave me the realization that I need to reach out and keep in
touch more! I’m terrible at it but I have always felt like a bother when I
reached out to people. I let them come to me. During the Create Lounge chat
this week, I realized I wasn’t the only person like this and they helped me
realize that almost everyone feels this way and we are all hoping for someone
to contact us. That’s definitely on my list of things to do – stay in touch and
keep in touch because friends are hard to come by!

I come to you with a list of things I am going to do in November.
Maybe they’ll give you some insight on what you want to do or maybe you’ll want
to do these things yourself. It’s nice to know when someone else is dealing
with the same thought and can relate to you. 

Make a Christmas shopping list

As a employed adult, I feel like we’re at that point where you
budget what you want to buy for and whom you want to buy for. Obviously, there
are people in my life that I want to spoil and I plan on doing so. For me, I’m
making a list with ideas for gifts because I don’t want to give the same thing
especially with my family.

Bake Something Yummy

I was supposed to bake in October and everything was supposed to
be pumpkin flavor. That was a fail. This month I’m definitely going to whip up
some cupcakes and put my decorating skills to the test. I’m excited.

Thankful Notes

There are dozens of reasons to write these babies. I feel like you
should always let someone know when you appreciate him or her. That is my plan.
I’m going to let my people know why I’m glad they’re in my life. My family
makes up d0 what we’re grateful for at Thanksgiving dinner so this will be
great practice.

Volunteer Your Time

Community service is our service to others is the rent you pay
for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali made that great
statement and it stands to be true. Giving back is important and reaching out
in the community does a lot. I’ve contacted a few places to help out with so
far and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. 

Write a letter

All we do is communicate by technology these
days. I can tell you the last time I sent a handwritten note was last week and
the last time I received one was around Graduation. I keep every note a person
writes me, I truly cherish it. I’m making it a thing to write to my family
members – I literally have so much stationary so I need to make use to it. If
someone wants something to do, this is definitely the thing to do. I take my
time lettering the envelope as well because I enjoy the artistic moments.

Macy’s Day Parade & Black Friday

These are two things but they’re literally back-to-back
in some sense. Don’t miss out on the Macy’s Day Parade as you start cooking.
Plus it’s the announcement that Christmas is on the way! Black Friday is
definitely a crazy day, my family doesn’t really participate anymore. We might
go out in the afternoon when it’s more tamed but we don’t stay up late or anything
like that anymore. Don’t get too crazy over this day.

Enjoy November! We always cast it off as the month between Halloween and
Christmas. A feast is literally taking place and gratitude should exude from
you. I’m going to enjoy this month since it does include my dad’s birthday and
I like gift giving. Happy November!


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