5 Ways To Unwind After Work

If you’re like me, you work from nine to five yet you constantly check your email after hours and finish up tasks you didn’t finish throughout the week so you can enjoy your weekends. Yes? Or maybe you just never unwind and work all the time because you feel like you never get anything done? Either way, you’re not taking a break and breathing. My last job was your typical forty hour week yet my boss would put us on weekend duty or have us participate in real-time events which usually occurred later in the evening. There’s no real break when you think about it — always working and never being able to enjoy your time off…. it sucks. 

But let’s talk taking a break and unwinding. Let’s break out of the mold where we feel like we have to finish everything because nothing is worth losing your sanity over. Close out of your email and shut down your work — it’s hard, I know. I understand someone placing everything on you and wanting you to fulfill all these requests but that is what the work day is for. Yes, it’s your career and you want to invest and be the best but is burn-out really worth it? Is cutting off time meant for your loved ones worth it? It sucks, don’t do it. Focus on enjoying those after work hours because you’re just going to go back the next weekday. You need to unwind —unwind your mind and unwind to enjoy your time. 

Put on your comfy clothes

There’s nothing better than removing the office clothes that have confined you for the entire day and throwing on some loose fitting sweats. Am I right? I look forward to going home when those last three hours of work hit because all I can think about is that I will be home and in my Victoria’s Secret PINK boyfriend sweats. Maybe it’s just me but removing those clothes from a long work day and putting on something comfortable is like starting a new page of my day. Yes, comfortable clothes can change everything — being comfy is everything. 

Sweat it out

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I throw on some sneakers and head to the gym. I hate going to the gym but the feeling afterward is always worth it. I don’t really hate going to the gym but I hate the moments leading up to it and motivating myself — I’ve gotten better though with going and being motivated and getting through it. But sweating it whether you workout or sit in a sauna, you’re flushing out those bad toxins in your body. 

Put your mind to work with a hobby

A hobby is a perfect thing to distract someone from the world. It’s an outlet that you enjoy and can lose yourself in. I found a hobby with painting and it is the perfect release. There’s just something about a hobby that removes you from the real world and lets you explore your own world. There are so many hobbies out there that you can do and I encourage anyone to take the dive and do their thing.

Treat yo self

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself! I am a big fan of treating yourself and spoiling yourself from time to time. If you want to indulge in a good pint of ice cream, do it. If you want to buy those shoes, buy them. Take a spa day and just relax. I’m going to always advocate for doing your thing and keeping yourself healthy. Check yourself if you need a break and treat it. Take the time to respond to your body and needs.

Leave the work at work

The biggest thing to do is leave the work at work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought work home or seen my parents and friends bring their work home. I’m a firm believer that work ends at five unless you are on-call to keep an eye out on things — in my line of work, we have to keep our eyes open for our brand so there are on-call moments but for the most part that is the only work I’m doing after hours. Keep the work in the workplace so you can chill when you come home and enjoy the time you don’t have to work. Remember you have five out of the seven days of the week to work and catch up on deadlines, use that time wisely so it never comes home.

I know a lot of people are dedicated to their careers and I can understand because your girl is dedicated as well. I want to succeed and achieve all my goals but I want to keep my health and mental state in check. I want to be able to relax and just take a chill pill. Do your thing and unwind. Remember that you are going back to work the next day unless it’s the weekend and you deserve to have time to chill. Netflix it up until you fall asleep and just do your thing. 

Enjoy your time and make time for you time. How do you unwind after work?



  1. October 19, 2016 / 5:14 pm

    We love your blog so much and support all that you do! So much so that we’ve featured you on our 100 Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers list! Thank you for all you do! – fromawildflower.com

  2. October 19, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    My girl! I needed this one. I feel like I am constantly working, even now that I am a stay at home mom! Thanks for the self-love tips 🙂

    • October 27, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Add mom into work and that's multiple jobs! I'm glad I could provide some insight! Keep killing it (:

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