5 Tips For Your Next Social Detox

Sometimes, you need a break.

You have to remove yourself from something that is taking over your life and it’s okay to own up to it and realize what you need to step away from. There are a lot of things we can remove from our life for some time but today, I’m talking about Social Media.

Wait, what?

Yes, social media.

But, why?

Why not?

Take a peek at social media and think about how much it consumes you. I’m not saying let’s exile ourselves from social media — I’m just saying it’s okay to take a break. I suggest it. I work in social media and I always take a break when I have time off. If I don’t have to post on the weekend for a brand, you won’t find me obsessing over something online. It kind of sucks how much I turn away from social media when I’m not working because I tend to forget to be consistent with my blog unless it’s right before or right after work. It’s not healthy, first of all. And, it’s not necessarily affecting me.

Not going to lie, I used to obsess over social media to the point where it was overwhelming. I’d check my following and worry about getting likes. Don’t even get me started on the following page where you can see what everyone liked throughout the day. Or, the random tweets that would try to dissect a person based on a one-time experience. Being informed right away about things happening in the world are great but sometimes, the stories change as it develops because we run to social media to post before verifying everything. There are people making memes out of other people, social media is a big player in today’s world and it’s okay to take a step back so you’re not consumed by it all. (Uh, hello. Kylie Jenner has paid for no advertising for her lip kits because she promos it all herself on Snapchat. Social Media is king.)

It’s okay to not know everything for a little awhile. It’s okay to enjoy the moment and I’m going to help you and myself out with that idea.

Remove negativity from your channels

The block and unfollow buttons are some of my favorite buttons. Now, I’m not saying you should remove this and that from your life but when someone is always negative and keeps on ruining your vibe, why continue dealing with them? You can easily remove yourself from that situation and do your thing without having to see their posts. Some people are mean over social media and there’s no denying that we’re in a time where people can hide behind their keyboard by lashing out. Don’t allow that in your life. Go on a spree and remove the people that you don’t associate with or wouldn’t go out of your way to say happy birthday to. It’s time to be free of negativity on your timeline.

Set Limits

Out of everything I share, I want you to know this is the most important. You need to set limits with yourself and those apps. Maybe you could power down your phone or tablet after a certain hour like 9 or 10 pm. Give your brain a break and watch some Netflix, if something crazy happens you can count on your friends to blow your phone up. In the morning, don’t jump on your social media right away. Give yourself some time to wake up and eat breakfast, enjoy the peace before divulging into the world of everyone else. If you need to, put your phone or tablet in another room so you aren’t tempted to touch it. Out of sight, out of mind. You really just need to take a grasp on your life and tell yourself “no social before or after ______” so that you can set yourself straight.

Make Plans

I don’t know about you but when I get together with my friends, we aren’t on our phones unless we’re showing each other something. Get out there and do something. Find a trail and go for a hike, take the day to go to the spa and pamper yourself, just do something. I go to brunch with my friends and we just talk about everything. I’m not even paying attention to my phone because I’m talking or paying attention to them. Plus, being on your phone while someone else is in your presence and talking to you, is rude. Or, is that just my opinion? Either way, when you’re out with friends it should be about them. Don’t be that person that’s all over SnapChat and not enjoying yourself. Take a snap here or there but do you really have to post the entire event? Take that time and have fun. Make some plans that will keep you busy.

Breathe and Meditate

Take a step back and set down the phone. Sometimes, you just need a breather. Take it. Don’t deny yourself some self-care because you want to know what’s going on in everyone else’s life. You need to worry about your life and your sanity. If you need to find something to keep you distracted or your fingers off your phone, why not sign up for a class? You could take yoga or pilates or kickboxing. You know, do something that will keep you on task and makes you feel better. Social media can play with your anxiety and if you know there are triggers associated with it, find a way to take a break every once in a while or for life, it’s your choice. Just pay attention to your mental health.  

Read a Book

A good book is a great way to refocus and keep your mind off of things. This is my go-to when I need a break. Whenever I go on trips, I take a book because those are the times that I’m off my phone. And, those are perfect times to detox because you want to capture moments but you don’t want to be on your phone at all times. When I went to Mexico, I snapped a few times a day but that was it. I saved all my Instagram posts until after the trip or when I was waiting for my boyfriend. But, the books I had definitely kept me busy. I can never find time to read anymore but whenever I want to shut down, that’s my thing to do. A good book can really help you out at the end of the day. It takes your mind off of everything and you’ll be focusing on another world for a few hours.

Let’s detox. Let’s take a break and step away from social media even if it’s for a few hours. There are other things that you can focus on right now.

What’s a break going to hurt? Sure, you have a commitment to your brand but don’t you have a commitment to yourself and your health?

Step away from social media every now and then to rejuvenate. You need to refocus and set your mind straight, sometimes. It’s not a bad thing but it’s a good thing to get your head back in the game. You might miss a post or two but you can catch up… especially with Instagram’s algorithm.

What are your tips for a social detox?



  1. September 1, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    Love all these points, Brittnee! Especially giving yourself limits and scheduling your time. That’s something I’m working on…whenever I tell myself I’m going to spend x minutes responding to comments on Instagram, I am more likely to avoid getting sucked into the explore page, haha.


  2. June 7, 2018 / 7:19 am

    Thanks for sharing the useful tips on detoxifying. I enjoyed reading this.

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