5 Styles to Wear to Graduation


There’s nothing better than walking across the stage… Unless we’re talking front row seats to Beyonce and having her hold your hand throughout Halo. Yeah, nothing can beat that besides getting that piece of paper that signifies all your hard work. Nothing else matters on that day — whether it’s hot as a mug and there’s a chance your hair might sweat out or if a little drizzle pops up and makes your hair frizz up, clearly your hair matters but not as much as that degree that means everything (actually, your hair matters a lot when picture time comes!! Be prepared). 

This is a day that you want to slay. So it’s not your wedding day or a birthday party but who cares? You want to look remarkable on the day that all that work pays off. Countless nights of pulling all-nights, hundreds of papers written, hella scantron test taken and hours & hours of studying, you deserve to slay on this day. If you don’t know it, I want you to slay and kill it. Be the person that turns heads as you walk up to get that degree. There’s nothing better than shaking hands with the man or woman that hands you that folder. That happiness and warmth that you feel in your heart as you take that paper in your hand is unmatched in this moment. If you’re like me, you might end up on the big screen and best believe I was ready for my star moment. 

What’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate? Honestly, I would go with what mom and nana think of your outfit. If they approve then wear the heck out of your ensemble. My grandparents are very conservative while my parents are super laid-back so my choice in grad wear was to lean a bit towards pleasing my grandparents. If I could do graduation day over, I would not change the outfits that I wore. I initially was going to wear a romper on graduation day and dress to the African American Farewell celebration but I ended up switching the days due to the temperatures. 


Obviously this is my go-to because I LOVE rompers. They’re like a giant onesie, I know but I love them. It’s like a dress but you don’t have to cross your legs as unladylike as that sounds, it is kind of comfy. Ideally, these are great if you’re trying to avoid having your thighs rub against each other especially in the spring temperatures that are rising. Rompers come in all different styles from halter to spaghetti strap to strapless — there are a plethora of rompers that you can bring into your life. And they look great with wedges or open toe heels. 

Bodycon Dress

One, don’t let the hypersexualization of what women should and should not wear get into your head. There are bodycon dresses that do the body wonders and are gorgeous. If you don’t believe me, scroll through http://www.hellomollyfashion.com/ and tell me you would not wear one of those floral dresses. These will work great under your graduation robe and there won’t be a ruffle or unflattering body shape popping beyond your robe. And when you flip that robe open, prop your hands on your hips and serve everyone face. 

Skater Dress

If you want to twirl, this is your dress. I wore a skater dress on my graduation day and I was happy with it. Of course, I had to hold it down every time a breeze came by and tried to whisk it up. Nonetheless, I loved my dress and posing in it. Skater dresses make it easy to have a dress with shape like a bodycon. With this style, your dress waves from the hip down and can hide the parts of our bodies that people want to avoid seeing. It’s also totally Ariana Grande and fun. If you want to twirl, twirl in this baby. 


Some people think a romper is a jumpsuit and I disagree. There’s a different. One is pants and the other is shorts. There is a BIG difference and I don’t care what anyone says. Jumpsuits are totally badass and classy to me. I love them and I wear them when I find the perfect fit. These are such a classy piece that you don’t have to over do it. Also, these are perfect for winter graduation when you don’t want to have freezing ankles.


I know what you’re thinking.. really?! But shorts really can be played off well for graduation if you do it right. There is a such thing as dressy shorts especially printed shorts and scalloped shorts. You can’t go wrong with these picks and a pretty blouse. I wish I had a picture of the floral shorts I own from Express. They’re A++ and I would wear them to graduation because why not? They’re perfect for those that don’t want to wear a dress or onesie and for those that want to keep their legs cool under their robes. 

It’s graduation season and the season to slay is always around — make sure your graduation outfit is the outfit you want to stare at for years to come. I know I get happy when I see pictures of my outsides because I love them and I want to wear them again and again. Find those statement pieces that will make your outfits memorable to you and they can be the same pieces that you can wear on other occasions or with every day life. What are your graduation looks this season — graduates and attendees? What are you going to wear?
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