5 Silly Thoughts Before & During a Date

People still go on dates? It always surprises me when people make that statement slash question. Yes, at least this person does over here. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t have to deal with Netflix and chilling all the time – My ex-boyfriend and I used to watch movies and chill all the time, back before Netflix was a thing, and I use to yearn to go out and do something. It was no fun and that was the demise of our relationship… along with some other things. All praises above for the man that takes me on dates now – he might be the real MVP, who knows? 

Anyways, since there’s a lacking of dates in my life I really feel awkward sometimes when I do go on dates. There’s just something about the ideal date that makes me nervous. There are moments when I’m wondering if I should offer to pay because he always pays or if I should just do something different to show I’m appreciative of him. Dates are stressful even if they are reoccurring with the same person – things can happen and the mood can shift depending on what is going on. I won’t deny that I snap my best friend before I head out to make sure my outfit is date-worthy. Why are all these thoughts running through my head? Stating the obvious, I want to impress him with my good looks… duh. Honestly, he’s seen my face without make-up but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress it up and make it real. 

“Am I too dressy? Should I just wear leggings…?”

Getting ready for a date is not as easy as people think. I’m not trying to stand out and steal everyone’s attention. I just want his attention, to be honest. If I’m dressing up, it’s for me but there’s a part of me that does it for him. Just so he can confirm what I already know – that I look pretty. Half the time I put something on, I have to consider if I’m too dressy. We might go on dates a lot but different venues support different looks. Oh, we’re going out to eat? Let me find some nice jeans and a pretty top. Dinner and a movie, nice jeans and a pretty top plus something warm because I get cold easily. Just the movies? I’m wearing leggings and calling it a day. Different activities are going to call for different outfits and I have to snap Sam or Kelsea to verify that the outfit works. 

“My hand is covering my phone…  Please don’t think I’m hiding anything.”

I don’t know why this thought runs through my mind – actually, I do know. I’ve dealt with insecure guys in the past and there’s this notion that a nice looking girl can’t just be involved with one guy because this generation just lets the assumptions roll. I literally sit to be comfortable and if my hand is covering my phone, I hope there are no thoughts running through his head that I’m entertaining him and multiple guys because no, just no. It’s probably bad that the thought even comes to my head but like I said, when you deal with insecure guys these habits become hard to break. Not that he’s insecure or anything, I just feel like people assume a lot these days. 

“I hope I don’t have to go to the restroom.”

This is primarily if we’re at the movies or somewhere like the zoo or aquarium. I hate excusing myself and cutting into a moment. I’m also not a big fan of public restrooms. Accidents can happen in restrooms, too! What if the toilet is one of those toilets that just splashes water on you… yeah, it’s just drip drops but still that’s potty water. Am I the only one that thinks this? I can’t be. Maybe I just hate being away or excusing myself; whatever it is, I just hate leaving for the restroom. 

“How can I eat this without getting messy?”

LOL. This is important. It all depends on the place that is chosen but if it’s messy food then I’m bound to eat a certain way to avoid a mess. I’m the person that gets spaghetti on my favorite Audrey Hepburn shirt and ruin it with a forever stain. I can’t even color without getting marker all over my hands so that just goes to show that my hands lead to messes. The entire time I’m eating, I’m thinking ahead – wiping my face repeatedly, leaning over my plate so nothing can spill on me. I’m still trying to impress no matter what. 

“I hope he doesn’t care that I keep moving around.”

I can’t sit or stand still. It’s just not possible. I might be able to do it for five minutes but I have to move around or I get fidgety. I am that girl at the movies that is sitting criss-cross applesauce one moment followed by hugging my knees to my chest and many more positions. I am never too comfortable and it sucks. I try so hard not to bump knees or elbows during these times. It’s always on my mind, though –  is he noticing this? Does he think something is wrong? I just can’t sit still. I’m a wiggle worm. I can’t find comfort in chairs. Even at work. I have to move. 

Maybe I’m a worry-wart or maybe this is normal? I don’t know, I just know I have a plethora of thoughts before a date and they never really matter after the fact but in that moment, I’m concerned. You would think that by now that I wouldn’t care but I always do. What are some thoughts running through your head when you’re out on a date? I can’t be the only one that things these things so share! 


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