5 Shows You Should Be Netflixin’ This Fall

As summer is winding down, the time to chill and cuddle with yourself is upon us. I love Fall and I love Netflix. It’s the perfect mix. Chilly weather, the sun starts to go down earlier and sweats become part of my every day wardrobe; I really like to think of this as my favorite time of the year. Football is about to start back up and I am more than ready. I have my reason for loving football and I can’t wait to see The Ohio State University Football team start off with a fresh and new team. What else do I do in the Fall? It’s in the title so I’m sure that it is obvious — I watch Netflix and a lot of it. If watching Netflix was a job, I could have had a great pay out from it for all the years that I invested.


1. The act of watching an entire season of a show in one season. 

2. A total valid excuse for avoiding social obligations.

“Sorry I can’t make it to the party tonight. I am netflixing.”

I’m always on the hunt for a good show to keep me over until my Fall shows and even then when I have to wait another week, I indulge in my Netflix shows to keep me preoccupied. From start to finish, I’ll go from Criminal Minds and Bones to Jane the Virgin and Scandal. I like to switch it up every now and then ya know? I like to think I spend my time watching some really great shows and I always share what I’m watching. I feel like I’ve been blessed with such a good show to enjoy that everyone else should receive that blessing. 

What shows are in your top 5 for the Fall? Here are mine and the reasons why which I think are pretty good reasons if I do say so myself. Obviously, we all have different preferences but there are so many good shows out there and if you haven’t checked these out then you should!

Gilmore Girls

Why not indulge in this series? Whether you’ve watched it already or not, The Gilmore Girls reprise is coming and you’ll want to get a refresher if you plan on watching it. How can you not want to see what Rory, Lorelai, Emily, Suki and all the characters are up to now? I am excited to see Jess and Dean, I always liked them more than Logan. If you want to enjoy a show about a mother daughter duo, this is your show. You’ll laugh and cry because totally chick flick television show. I’m currently rewatching Gilmore Girls because I never finished the show plus I never watched anything in order to know what was going on in their time. 


This show takes the trophy for me. I LOVED Parenthood, loved it. It’s a show that I think touches on a lot of issues and really makes you think. I know on my end that it opened my eyes to Autism and prevalent issues that I would never think of without an eye opening episode. If you enjoy families and their issues, this is your show. It’s like the serious version of Modern Family in some ways. On the other hand, it’s not. You wouldn’t find it on ABC’s Humor Wednesdays. The show breaks down between one family and the siblings who have their own families. They all have their own issues and I really enjoyed it because like I stated before, it’s not something other shows that I watch touch on. 

Parks and Recreation

Perfect for Election season. If you don’t like Leslie Knope then something is definitely wrong with you. This show definitely left me with some doubts when I saw the poster but I finally gave in and I am so glad I jumped into it. Parks and Recreation is a hilarious show that involved the community. You can’t go wrong with the show and I promise that when you get to the final episode that your heart is going to break. I love this show and it still hurts that the show is over for me. You aren’t wasting your time by watching this show. 


If you liked the Chelsea Lately show then you are going to want to tune into this show. I love Chelsea Handler because of her carefree and blunt spirit. She’s hilarious and she doesn’t care which is amazing especially when it’s a women in the media spotlight. Part of this week’s episode focused on The Election and that you need to vote. “Don’t be a dumbcicle” — In the words of Chelsea Handler. There’s multiple episodes and her show comes on three times a week so tune in this Fall if you need a laugh and a break from a series you are currently obsessing over. 

Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines bring it all together with Fixer Upper. I want to be on this show just so they can fix me up a place and make my housing dreams come true. I enjoy this show because you get to see Joanna shade Chip, Chip do something crazy and at the end of the day, they come together to design this awesome home for people. If you’re into HGTV shows and home improvement, this is the show for you to tune into. 

These are all happy television shows when I think about it. I wish I had thrown in a suspenseful show but all I really watch that is suspenseful is Criminal Minds and The Flash. Obviously they touch on issues but there is possibly a happy ending at the end of the day so if you want something crazy… The Killing would have to be something you should check out. I can go on and on about shows so let me stop. Let me know your picks for Netflix and what you plan on jumping into in the future.


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