5 Gift Ideas for Dad

It’s a day all about the man, a great man. Dad. Father’s
Day is right around the corner and you know what that means? Time to show dad
that you appreciate him! I love gifting but my dad is not a fan of gifts – oh
well, on his part because he’s getting something. Father’s Day is a day of
gratitude and appreciation for the man that has put up with me (and you) for so
many years. It’s a year for kids and moms to show that lucky man in their life
that they love him 365 of 365 days and this special day is all theirs. What
does your dad mean to you? Mine means the world to me. My parents are my
favorite people in the world and I appreciate them more than anything.

My dad is
a great man and always will be number one in my eyes. Dads are great people –
they cheer you on at games and attempt to do your hair when your mom is out of
town for work. They teach you how to do push-ups and tease you. Dads are
different in moms; at least, my dad is and that’s more than likely why they
work. My dad happens to be the hardest man to shop for and it’s only because he
doesn’t want anything ever. I literally have to try my hardest to figure out
what to get him and it’s his fault for always saying he doesn’t care what he’s going to get. 

Technology has always been the key for me. Technology is always evolving and there’s so much out there that can work. It’s slowly becoming more affordable as replicas of everything is being made. That’s a pro. The con? That quantity can lead to a quicker death for certain models. This will be my go-to for my dad and I hope this can help anyone else looking for their dad or husband. There’s so much out there and you can go big with these ideas.


Fitbits range in price and can be seemingly affordable to a bit up there depending on the model that you get. This lovely gadget will help the man in your life keep up on his fitness activity and what he can do to improve. It collects data on steps and sleep patterns. It’s there to help the man in your life with motivation and tracking. You can’t go wrong with the fitness tech idea.

Amazon Echo

This gadget actually amazes me. I’ve seen them in action on Snapchat but I’ve never used one. It’s a hand free speaker that you can control with your voice. It’s portable and fits in with the decor, can’t go wrong with this if you have someone who loves music in your life. It’s right there in that instant and dad can keep up with the music, news or weather. It’ll be a fun gift that will make him the cool dad. 

Samsung Gear VR

I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials but the Samsung Gear VR has a cool concept. It’s a gadget that will transfer you to different worlds while just chilling in your living room. Dad will love this because he gets to kick back, relax and experience the world without having to move. That’s basically life. Of course you need to make sure that dad has a Samsung phone that is compatible with this baby. 

S’Well Bottle

Best water bottle ever – in my opinion. I have one and it’s legit love. My water has stayed cold for two days because of how this bottle is insulated. It’s advertised to keep water cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It’s pretty nice for the dad that’s on the run. The designs of these bottles are pretty cool too. Some people hate them but I love mine and I think my dad would enjoy one of these if he carried around a water bottle. 


How awesome are GoPro cameras? I want one and I would definitely buy one for my dad who loves to videotape our holidays so I know he would enjoy this for vacation. These are in the moment cameras and pretty legit. You’re capturing the world through “your eyes” basically with the concept of this camera. If you don’t believe how amazing these things are, check out their Instagram. 

These are just a few ideas that I could think of for my own dad. These are on the higher end for gifts but I feel as though they would be a great investment for dad. Enjoy Father’s Day this weekend! What are some lessons your dad taught you in life? What are you getting the special man in your life for this special day?


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